Written by Maazi Emeka Maduewesi
Mohammadu Buhari is not my president. We don’t even have anything in common. You see, I am a Wailer while he is a Liar. I am also a believer in democratic principles and rule of law while he is a dictator. He is a Muslim and and I am a Christian. He is from the North and I am from the South.
We don’t even communicate. Though we both speak English, he also speaks Hausa while I speak Igbo. When an opportunity arises for us to communicate, he will speak Hausa, which I don’t understand.
When he was choosing those with whom he will work closely, his kitchen cabinet, he did not choose anyone who speaks Igbo. Even those who work with him, like Femi Adeshina, who are expected to address all citizens of Nigeria as one, entrench divisiveness and called me a Wailer, an addedum, in his Christmas message.
When Mohammadu Buhari thinks about Nigeria, he does not think about me. So I am excluded in his governmental activities. He is not my president. He says so himself by his words and actions.


  1. If not because Nigeria is a corunty with no laws, maybe they do, but don’t practice them. IBB should be in jail serving lifetime, but this man has every guts to walk around, and even be listened to?Experience in what? crookery, embezzlement, no common sense, stupidity, what a fool! If Nigerians give this fool another chance to go back to office, I will be convinced that Nigerians don’t want change, and the whole world will watch the corunty go downhill to destruction.I don’t wish death on anybody, but sometimes I seriously wish all these fools who call themselves leaders, that don’t care about anybody else but themselves, should die and go to hell. It’s so frustrating that these people refuse to see beyond themselves. I will encourage the younger generation to rise up against nonsense such as this, prove to these fools, “YES WE CAN”. Younger generation have to start learning to take pride in their corunty, learn how to be patriotic, parent learn how to think outside of yourselves, and instill these morals and values in your children. Pride/patriotism is not about going all over the place rocking green white green, so everybody can know you are naija, but let’s have a vision, and passion to want to make a difference, and let’s tackle it from the root. Africans/Nigerians seriously need to start caring about how the world view them, and do something about it through actions. Africa/Nigerians have a long way to go, but if these people are open to change their ideologies, and start building on a strong foundation, then we will definitely get there one day.


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