How the British government planned and orchestrated the war against indiigbo , The division of kins men in their homeland for the benefit of international oil cooperation, this hatred by British colonial administrator laid the nest of hatred which Ndiigbo is being confined in today.

“If and when the Ibos are finally COMPELLED to bend the knee to the Federal Forces and accept the East Central State as their definitive territorial homeland, with inevitably a watchful Federal Government SUPERVISING THEIR LOCAL AUTONOMY, their would be no incentive for any Western Cameroon Government to seek to link its identity with a DEFEATED MINORITY STATE with which it would no longer have a common frontier.”

G. D. Anderson, British High Commission, Lagos, 26th November 1968

Barrister Emeka Maduewesi Comment:

This is a very complicated situation but I will try to make it simple.

The British, after rigging the 1961 Plebiscite, had continued to lie that the Western Cameroonians hated the Igbos. When war Nigerian civil war broke out, the Cameroonian government supported Nigeria while Western Cameroon supported Biafra. The problem was so much that they were considered as Nigeria’s 13th State provided the Igbo’s are kept very far from them. That was how Bakassi happened.

Did you notice that the idea was to confine the Igbo’s to the interior “landlocked” and tell those other Igbo’s outside the land-lock that they are not real Igbo’s. Well, those in the East coastal area agreed while those across the Niger jumped over to fight with their kith and kin in Biafra.

They have been supervising our local economy since 1970 and Buhari is here as the last of the old supervisory brigade, a script President Jonathan briefly interrupted!

This is How Niger delta self hatred was created.


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