Dear Biafrans read the following report about the endemic corruption by Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchy’s and the corrupt officials from eastern region Biafra, When your done kindly return to our previous broadcast transcript published on this page “Why Nigeria Failed and why Biafra must take centre stage.”

On 17 February 2016, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden and his scandal-prone CFO Simon Henry thought they were having a private telephone discussion about a dawn raid carried out by Dutch police on the HQ of Royal Dutch Shell Plc in the Hague.

The raid was in relation to the $1.3 bn OPL 245 oil block Nigerian corruption scandal involving Shell, ENI and Nigerian fraudsters, including former Nigerian Oil Minister Dan Etete. Police spent many hours during the raid searching the offices of various Shell executives.


During the telephone discussion about the raid, van Beurden and Henry expressed concern about the role in the deal of former MI6 agents hired by Shell. Email correspondence between the former spies – Guy Colgate and John Copleston – and other members of the team was of particular concern. Some of the email content was described during the call as unhelpful loose chatter, “pub talk”, “stupid” and “bad” (for Shell). The former MI6 agents had been aware that money from the OPL 245 deal would be used to pay bribes.


Furthermore, there is documentary evidence that top Shell executives approved the OPL 245 deal despite being aware the proceeds would end up at a front company connected to Dan Etete. At one point Simon Henry had personally approved the structure of the OPL 245 deal. Senior Shell executives were fully aware that Etete was a convicted money launderer. Van Beurden was not involved at that time.


What Ben van Beurden and Simon Henry did not know is that their telephone conversation arising from the raid, when sensitive OPL 245 matters were discussed, including the involvement of the former MI6 agents, was secretly recorded by investigative authorities.


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