Tikkun Olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎ (literally, “repair of the world”, alternatively, “making the world a better place”) is a concept in Judaism interpreted in Orthodox Judaism as the prospect of overcoming all forms of challenge. Bringing us closer to a better world, Rabbi Harry Rosenberg once told me about the great idea of technological age, The Idea of connection and understanding the essence of life.

Today marks the day that humanity takes one step closer to the Tikkun Olam or science-fiction realm depend on your view with space lasers. An American aerospace firm is aiming to create 200 megabits per second (Mbps) connections in space using satellites equipped with lasers, How helpful is this to Biafra?

If successful, this new tech could pave the way for networks of satellite-connected devices to send data, which will be useful for in repairing the damaged world relationship, such as military, tech, and meteorological agencies, to and from space via laser connections. The launch of the new satellites is scheduled for 7:14 am ET on today from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The company, Orbital ATK, will send its Cygnus spacecraft, complete with NanoRacks CubeSats satellites, to the International Space Station. NASA is hoping that the mission will highlight the importance of small sensor spacecraft to the future of space exploration.

The twin satellites will propel themselves using water while using cameras, beacons, and laser rangefinders to adjust the relative position measurements between the two satellites.

NASA believes that the satellites could lead to “significantly enhanced communication speeds between space and Earth and a better understanding of laser communication between small satellites in low-Earth orbit.”

Capabilities in proximity operations enable multiple small spacecraft to operate cooperatively during science or exploration missions, approach another spacecraft or object for in-space observation or servicing, or connect small spacecraft together to form larger systems or networks in space,” the space agency also said.

The launch was initially scheduled to take place yesterday being Saturday but was “scrubbed” after an aircraft was detected in the vicinity of the launch pad. It will now take place on today.

Stay Turned as I will be reaching out to Rabbi Harry Rosenberg to get his reaction to this, on Torah and science, ultimately how helpful this could be to Biafra people


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