The Biafra Liberation Council (BLC) has pleaded with the international community to prevail on Nigerian government to revisit the 1914 colonial amalgama­tion of the country to avert another Sudanese and Jewish holocaust or Rwanda genocide.

“Those who oppress their sub­jects should recall historical inci­dents, the lessons and verdicts,” said the group’s Administrative Secretary, Austin-Mary Ndukwu, and External Matters Coordinator, Nebechukwu Chidozie, after their emergency meeting in Enugu at the weekend.

They commended a Jewish-American lawyer, Bruce Fein, who has taken the case for a Sovereign State of Biafra to the United Nations.

According to them, the demand for Biafra’s statehood is based on “persistent and consistent pattern of human rights abuses, violations, war crimes, genocide and deprivations meted on Igbos from 1945 to date”.

The group explained that it had kept mute for too long over the mis­ery of Igbos, saying that the tribe can no longer afford to condone slavery or toy with its destiny.

The BLC also charged governors of Southeast and South-South and their State Houses of Assembly to urgently convene an emergency se­curity meeting to fashion out mo­dalities to stop the spate of carnage perpetrated by rampaging Fulani herdsmen in the region.

The group wants Igbo villages, autonomous communities, towns, local governments and state to or­ganise neighbourhood security net­works to ward off further invasion of the herdsmen.

“Nobody or group has the mo­nopoly of violence and killings, be­cause we are now more than ever ready to defend our people and ter­ritory”, it stated.

BLC noted that the action of the Nigerian military to mow down some Biafra activists in Aba, Abia State, months ago, was what gave the Fulani cattle herdsmen the bold­ness “to invade and murder our people in cold blood. BLC sees the aggression as a blood debt that must be paid by the evil invaders. Enough is enough”.

The group said that Fulani cattle invaders should know that the era of killing to occupy is over.

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  1. use it is like the Federal Govt. has no concern about the lives and property of the people at all.

    I totally agree with the idea by the B24, that the International Community have got to re-visit Nigeria, what-ever reason in order to see to the problems of the Biafran’s case. Very important for the future of the country and stability. If not we are seriously going to experience another disaster again in Nigeria. Beca

  2. i lov wat my pple ar doin,though medias lyk channels who ar based on news,can nt even tak abt dis.i blif dat we ipob ar wel abel


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