My fellow Biafrans at home and in the diaspora – all Biafrans in Europe, North America, South America, China, Australia, all countries of Asia, all countries in Africa, all Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, the Middle Belt, and at home in Biafraland, the time to get out of Nigeria is now. Biafrans in the armed forces of Nigeria -army, navy, air force, police, customs, immigration, Biafrans in the Nigeria civil service, Biafrans working in the oil sector, the engineering sector, financial sector; Biafrans working in universities and colleges, Biafran transporters, Biafran clergymen and women, Biafran traders, Biafran businessmen and women, Biafran children in secondary and primary schools, Biafran men, women and children – wherever you are, whatever your occupation or trade, use every skill, every knowledge, and every advantage you have to work on getting Biafra out of Nigeria now. Your very survival as a people is now in very serious danger. Murderous, genocidal, Islamic Hausa Fulani mercenaries of the Sokoto Caliphate pretending to be fighting to keep a non-existent Nigeria have started to overrun and conquer your homeland. They are not doing it for Nigeria. They don’t believe in Nigeria. Nigeria means nothing to them. They are doing this for the Caliphate. They are in the process of expanding the Sokoto Caliphate to the Atlantic Ocean. We have uncovered their secret plan. They have already taken away your freedom and liberty. They have taken away your land, mineral resources, and water resources. Now they want your head. Very soon you will be asked to convert to Islam or die. Today they want to wipe you, and your families off your ancestral land and occupy it. This is no joke, this is no exaggeration, and this certainly is not play. Wake up, open your eyes and look around you. What do you see?

Who are the target of this new Islamic Jihad you might ask? Put a map of Nigeria in front of you and look at the following towns and cities – Kafanchan, Jos, Pankshin, Jalingo, down to Obudu, Calabar, Oron, Port Harcourt, Warri, up to Sapele, Benin City to Lokoja – all the people living in this area as well as their land are the target of this Jihad. Auchi, Akure, Ado Ekiti, Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Abeokuta down to Lagos and on to Ijebu Ode, Okitipupa – all the people living in this area as well as their land are the target of this Jihad on the west side. This Jihad is dressed up as Islamic religious jihad. But this is a ruse designed to elicit the cooperation of Moslems living in these target areas. But the real goal of this Jihad is political and economic. The Hausa Fulani leaders of the Sokoto Caliphate want to overrun these target areas, impose their rulers (Emirs) over the people and exercise despotic rulership over the people. Finally they will take over all the economic resources in these areas and using Islamic religious law, put all the land and economic resources in these areas in the hands of the Fulani Emirs they have imposed on the people of these areas. This is the diabolical plan of the Fulani run Sokoto Caliphate. This scheme of the Sokoto Caliphate affects you whether you are Idoma, Igala, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Igbo, Efik, Ekoi, Ibibio, Edo, Gwari, Tiv, Urhobo, Yoruba, Igbirra, Angas, or Jukun. This scheme of the Sokoto Caliphate will devour you whether you belong to the so-called political party called APC, PDP, CPC, APGA, APP,LP, AD, and others. It will devour you whether you are a senator, representative, councilor, governor, minister; whether you are rich, or poor; whether you are a bishop, pastor, or laity so long as you are a Christian, Jew, or one who practices traditional religion.

If you are one of those people still stuck in the fantasy that One Nigeria is good for you, and that the Caliphate scheme to take all your land and resources will not materialize or affect you, please get out of this fantasy right now. You will definitely be conquered and Islamized. Unless you work to get out of Nigeria now, you will definitely lose your land, the resources in it and your freedom and dignity.

Remember how all this started in the 1800’s. The Sokoto Caliphate had conquered the Hausa states under the pretense of establishing a pure form of Islam. They Fulani had imposed Fulani Emirs to rule dictatorially over all the Hausa states. They had snatched their land and resources and handed them over to Fulani Emirs. They had laid out plans to start attacking and conquering the middle belt Christians and traditional religion adherents. The British attacked and conquered the Sokoto Caliphate, imposed British rule after amalgamating the Northern and Southern protectorates and naming it Nigeria. The Sokoto Caliphate bragged that as soon as the British leave Nigeria they will continue their interrupted march to the sea. What has happened since 1960? They started by attacking and massacring the Tiv and Yoruba. Then they fell on the Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio, and Ekoi. Next they started killing the Gwari, Birom, and Angas. Now they have come back to massacring the Tiv, Idoma, Igala, Igbo, Ijaw, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Efik, Ekoi, Edo, and Yoruba. They will attack one ethnic nation at a time and the other ethnic nations will keep quiet believing that they will not be attacked and therefore don’t have to do anything. Then they will attack another ethnic nation and again the others will keep quiet and do nothing believing that they will not be attacked. Sometimes the Caliphate will use soldiers and police from these southern ethnic nations to attack and slaughter people of the other southern ethnic nations that are equally at risk of being conquered. That means that members of the ethnic nations from the middle belt and the south are actually doing the dirty job of attacking and conquering southern ethnic nations for the Sokoto Caliphate. This is what is happening today. The Hausa Fulani of the Sokoto Caliphate have now conquered and occupied parts of Tiv, Igala, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Gwari, Birom. They are pushing aggressively into Igboland. Once they finish establishing these beachheads, they will overrun the middle belt and south in a matter of months.

For the ethnic nations of the middle belt and the south, it is not important what you call yourself now – Already there is Biafra, Oduduwa, and Middle Belt. Instead of squabbling about name, focus first on saving yourselves from the immediate danger of being conquered and Islamized by the Sokoto Caliphate. You can fight over name later. Stop the petty squabbles among yourselves, stop the jealousy, the false victimhood, the finger pointing and unending blame game that you have been playing for half a century. As you blame each other, point fingers and gloat when another ethnic nation is being attacked and conquered, the Sokoto Caliphate is busy consolidating its strangle hold on you all and tightening the noose around your necks. As you behave like crabs in a bucket, the Caliphate is busy boiling the water it will use to cook and eat you. If you stick together and confront this calamity that is at your door, you will defend yourselves effectively, survive and prosper. If you insist on standing alone as you watch each other being conquered and destroyed, all of you will end up as slaves of the Sokoto Caliphate and you will only have yourselves to blame.

Biafrans, your ancestral land was taken by force (decree) by Obasanjo working for the Caliphate. Petroleum and other minerals in your land was seized (by decree) by Gowon and handed over to the Caliphate. Water resources in your ancestral land was seized (by decree) by Abacha and handed over to the Caliphate. They did not buy the land from you; they did not negotiate a lease; they did not even consult you or seek your opinion when they seized these, your private property. In Biafraland individuals, communities, own their land which is regarded as private holdings or private property. If someone took your property by force what is the first thing that you do? You stand in the market place, you stand on roof top, by the road side and keep screaming, and telling everyone who passes by that this person took your property by force. You reestablish your right of private ownership of that property. You don’t beg this person to allow you farm the land once every ten years; you don’t beg this person to allow you fetch ten liters of water from your water hole once every month. If you go begging your tormentor, the robber who robbed you of your property, people will look at you and say that you have lost your mind. So, Biafrans declare that the Petroleum Resources decree of 1969 by Yakubu Gowon is null and void; the Land Use decree of 1978 by Olusegun Obasanjo is null and void; the Water Resources decree of 1993 by Sanni Abacha is null and void. These are military decrees by which the Sokoto Caliphate and its agents took your individual and community properties away by force. No law in the world will recognize the forced seizure of these individual and community private properties. Since your land belongs to you, you have absolute freedom to do what you like with your land. Nobody has any right to force you to give them a portion of your land for grazing their cattle, an entirely private enterprise; nobody has a right to force you to allow them to live on your land without your express permission; and in this 21st century, nobody has the right to impose suzerainty over you, your family, your community, and your private property without express consent from you. The world will stand with you; the world will support you if you stand up straight and loudly assert your self-determination; your right to determine who you want to associate with and who you do not want to associate with. But you must stand tall, you must be firm, you must be resolute, unyielding, and you must continue to scream at the top of your lungs until the world pays attention. This is what the call for a referendum is all about. This is what the principle of self-determination is all about. People of Biafra, you must continue to scream for your right to speak for yourselves by a referendum whether you want to continue to be part of Nigeria or whether you want to exercise your God-given right for self-determination and regain your freedom and sovereignty.

Biafrans please remember this: first the Caliphate started attacking you and looting and destroying your properties in Northern Nigeria. When you left their Northern Nigeria for them they started burning your transport vehicles and sometimes with the traders still inside. Now they have followed you home and are attacking and slaughtering you in your own homeland. A man’s home is his castle. What does a man do if you take a fight to him in his own home? If the most recent attacks on you in your homeland do not drive you absolutely crazy with rage then you are not human. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was one of six people who beheaded Gideon Akaluka, an Igbo man in Kano and paraded his head hoisted on a spike around Kano City, a barbaric act that only barbarians can engage in. What happened to Sanusi after he committed this murder? He became the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Today he is the Emir of Kano, one of the top traditional rulers in Northern Nigeria. Just last week an Igbo woman was again beheaded in Kano. You may ask: what is a Biafran doing in Northern Nigeria now?

A word for those cowardly Biafrans many of whom call themselves governors, senators, representatives, traditional rulers, leaders of thought, who adorn themselves in traditional red caps that are as tall as palm trees; red caps that used to be the insignia of “honor”, “courage”, “bravery”, “truth telling”, “honesty”, and willingness to defend the clan and Igbo nation. Since the Caliphate started attacking and slaughtering Igbo in Ukpabi-Nimbo, Onitsha, and other places, these red capped people in our midst have maintained deafening silence. They have not even opened their mouths to condemn the killing of innocent Igbo men, women, and children by Fulani mercenaries on the order of the Sokoto Caliphate and the government of Nigeria. Some of them shamefully have gone to Abuja to fraternize with the same person who sent The Fulani mercenaries accompanied by Nigeria soldiers and police to go to Igbo land and kill scores of defenseless Igbo men and women. Has the traditional red cap of “honor” become transformed into dunce cap of “shame”? When there was fighting between the Hausa and Yoruba at Sagamu a few years ago, many traditional rulers, politicians, academics, and leaders in Northern Nigeria threatened hell and brimstone if the Yoruba did not stop attacking the Fulani. Muhammadu Buhari threatened the Yoruba that the North will burn Lagos down if the Yoruba did not stop attacking the Fulani in Sagamu. It took Ik. Ekweremmadu, and two Yoruba men, the governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, and Fani Kayode, to speak out against the killing of Ndigbo in Ukpabi-Nimbo, and Onitsha by the Nigerian government soldiers and Fulani mercenaries. When salt ceases to season food it should be thrown out into the dust and be trampled upon.

All Biafrans, the international community, and indeed all men and women of conscience must now stand up and condemn the Nigerian government, its occupying soldiers and police as well as the Fulani mercenaries sent in by the government of Nigeria who have been slaughtering innocent Biafrans often in their sleep in the privacy of their homes. Biafrans, the first principle in life is self-preservation. If someone flagrantly starts attacking you and trying to kill you, you have a responsibility to immediately take steps to defend yourself and stop that person from killing you. That is your responsibility and you must take that very seriously. All Biafrans including those who were not Biafrans originally but who want to join the Republic of Biafra must get together now and develop a clear plan to collectively protect themselves from this ongoing onslaught by forces of the Nigerian government, Hausa Fulani mercenaries and the Sokoto Caliphate. Failure to present a united front will result in divide and conquer, the strategy upon which the Sokoto Caliphate pins all its hope


Message from Biafra Government in Exile.





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