Now that the drama and ritual of New Year are over, it’s time to face one reality:  Biafra actualization in the year 2017. And take sides.

Regarding natural identity as a Biafran, one can continue to argue with the fixed structures and circumstances of birth, genetics and geography; or find ample fault with sociology and politics.  At the end of the day, you are who you are; no one, not even you, yourself, much less anybody else, any principalities, or any government, can change that.

But for those who consider themselves pro-Biafra and are interested in the liberation of Biafra, you really have to make a choice. Between Biafra and Nigeria. There are no gray areas. There is no middle ground. There is in fact a sharp line, and it is not drawn in, to be blurred or erased by, shifting and vanishing sand. The choice is clear. You need to make it – if you are truly in this fight for Biafra actualization. More important, you need to discern who is not on your side though they shout “Biafra”, “Biafra”…

Consider the following examples:

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a political prisoner held by lawless, hypocritical, toxic and genocidal Nigeria because of leadership of the Biafran struggle. There are also other pro-Biafran Biafrans in similar roles in the same unconscionable imprisonment in Nigeria’s Gulag. They have taken sides, and the correct one, for Biafra. Now, a slew of Biafrans who claim interest in either Igbo and or Biafran welfare have been talking with Buhari to the tune that they will get Mazi Kanu et al to give up Biafra in return for their freedom. So, they are busily “visiting” Mazi Kanu et al and or their families trying to convince them to drop Biafra, as a condition for their release. Fellow Biafrans: make no mistake about this: these folks are not on our side – they are not pro-Biafran in any sense. It was the same misguided cabal who convinced the then-imprisoned Uwazurike, at the height of MASSOB pro-Biafran activities, to give up Biafra in return for his freedom; Uwazurike did; he followed their advice and was freed alright. MASSOB activism collapsed, making nonsense of the deaths of our brothers and sisters – our dear MASSOB members – who gave up everything for the sake of Biafra actualization. Today, Uwazurike is busily pushing for and supporting a Nigerian political party and aiming to participate in Nigerian politics. These folks are not pro-Biafran; we all need to understand that and learn to count them out of the equation of Biafra actualization.

If your interest and plan are for forming political parties in Nigeria, to participate in Nigerian politics, whether or not you plan to anchor such abominable irrelevance in Biafraland, you are precisely NOT pro-Biafran. Our people do not want any more Nigerian parties and are not interested in the ones currently being used to continue to enslave, oppress and suppress Biafrans in our own very land through the agency of Nigerian-hired fellow-Biafrans. These latter efulefu among us are on Nigeria’s side, not on the side of Biafra actualization. We want Biafra, not Nigeria. Take sides and know who is on the opposing side.

Much is being written of “restructuring” Nigeria. Whatever restructuring is being talked about (always talk – idle talk – in any case), even assuming that it could actually happen, has no bearing on and should have nothing to do with Biafra actualization. Biafra is not dependent on whether Nigeria gets its act together or not, and when; whether Nigeria repents and recants or not, and when. Biafra stands, independent of Nigeria, independent of remnant Nigeria and independent of no Nigeria at all (judging from the ongoing downward spiral of Nigeria). Therefore, any one preaching “restructuring of Nigeria” is not pro-Biafran. He is not on our side.

There are so-called leaders who are revered because of their age or their social standing; some are assumed to be pro-Biafran even when it is clear that they are not really with the spirit or letter of Biafra actualization. Now, if such are consistently saying that Biafrans only want a reasonable accommodation in and within Nigeria and not independence from Nigeria, why would any serious pro-Biafran accept them as being on the side of Biafra? For the avoidance of doubt, we want an independent Biafra, which means INDEPENDENCE. Not in Nigeria. It means, standing on our own. Anyone hiding behind respect-for-the-elder who actually supports and accepts the errant elder as a pro-Biafran is the one being fooled; the elder has already declared their side, and is neither hesitant nor apologetic about it. You should respectfully go to your own side (assuming that it is different); at least, recognize the difference. You are either for Biafra or for Nigeria: there is on admixture.

There is a whole bunch of Biafrans who still believe and act like if only Biafrans would act within the ambit of existing Nigerian laws, we could achieve the actualization of Biafra. This includes those who exclusively base their methods on adherence to Nigeria’s constitution – any version of it. For the former group, we ask: can you point to any section of Nigeria which as a collective already is more obedient, compliant and adherent to Nigeria’s laws than Biafrans? Where has that gotten us? If you want to get your independence from a colonial power, you don’t pride yourself on being the best and most colonial-law-abiding person; of course, in that mien, you can only be a joker.  As for the Nigerian constitution group, we ask again: can’t you see that Nigerian leaders and their government do not even respect their own constitutions? When they are not flagrantly disobeying them with impunity, they pick which version favors the particular nefarious acts they are committing at the time, or select a particular section, down to the paragraph, to support their criminal and hypocritical acts. And, they do that with impunity, with the comatose public acquiescing. So, if you challenge Nigeria’s constitution, what are you actually doing? Let’s say you actually win, what have you won, what have you accomplished and what can you hold the already lawless to? Nigeria will just laugh at you and then continue what they are doing, uninterrupted, in the name of their constitution—whichever suits them at the time. It is not about the constitution and or laws: it’s about Nigeria versus Biafra. Choose.

Fellow Biafrans, if you are pro-Biafran, it’s time to really re-examine your methods and readjust your thinking. We are going to hurt, suffer, be jailed and even but especially, die if we remain serious and active about Biafra actualization. That is the unavoidable nature of this beast. If our method is based on avoiding or eliminating these painful realities and conditions above, then, we are not really prepared; in that case, let us gather our loin-cloths, go back to “home” and enslavement in Nigeria as Nigerians until the spirit calls, if ever. When you choose a liberation-path based on the avoidance or exclusion of the above realties, you really can’t be considered serious or taken seriously. And, in the meantime, we still hurt and suffer, we are still getting injured, imprisoned, exiled, hounded, hunted, haunted, dehumanized, oppressed, repressed, raped and murdered by Nigeria, and it has all the time in the world to continue to do these bad and unthinkable things to us as long as we remain part of Nigeria. Do, resist the delusional thinking and saying that you and your methods can protect any of us from Nigeria: you can’t and you don’t; you haven’t.

In wanting Biafra, we reject Nigerian laws and the Nigerian constitution, the vicious instruments Nigeria uses in its well-executed and ongoing diabolic plan to eliminate Biafra and Biafrans; as a pro-Biafran, take a stand, and know who are on the other side. We refuse to support and or uphold any Biafrans whose idea of Biafra falls short of Biafra as an independent Nation; take a stand and know who is on the other side. Biafra is not going to be given to us by Nigeria: we have to take it; so thinking that it will be easy, pain-free, bloodless or safe, or designing compromising paths to bypass such realities, means that you are not serious – merely daydreaming. Pro-Biafrans, take a side.

Finally, we have a saying that an adult holding a kid’s toy above the kid’s reach will soon tire and let go of the toy eventually.  That’s a convenient compact. We all know that a determined kid has other options, including getting the public’s attention by shaming the adult-bully into releasing the toy prematurely. We know that failing that and or in addition or as an alternative to it, from where he stands, the kid has a choice of reachable vulnerable adult-parts as target; he does not hesitate to exercise that option in order to topple the adult’s tyranny and regain what is rightfully his – consequences notwithstanding. Most likely, we have been that kid in real life. Nigeria will never hand us Biafra; we will have to take it and we will have Biafra – consequences notwithstanding.

Take a side this year. For Biafra actualization.  Know who and what message / method are not pro-Biafran.

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen

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