Of the lies that Nigeria tells, none comes close to Nigeria’s deceitful version of the Biafra War. It calls the Biafra war a civil war, but we all know that it was a war of genocide and extermination against Biafra, unjustifiably envied and hated by Nigeria then, as now. Nigeria likes to claim that the Biafra war was over in 1970, but it has continued to wage that war unilaterally and relentlessly against Biafrans up till now, by its acts, policies, attitude and utterances: there is no reason to think that it will stop.

Nigeria may have won the war against Biafra, but the world knows that that was only a pyrrhic victory, even if Nigeria itself may not have the capacity to understand what a pyrrhic victory is. And, if Nigeria did actually overcome Biafra, why are we here now, with Nigeria still as hateful, envious, unnerved and as frightened of Biafra as it was in 1967? Indeed, Nigeria wastes all its energy trying to pin Biafra to the ground, only in so doing proving one adage of our people, that he who pins another to the ground is also tied down himself. Nigeria wears itself out; Biafra conserves her energy to be used for restoration, growth and positive things.

One can say the war started the day the British forced Nigeria into a project; or when at so-called independence, the British refused to grant independence separately to the South which was ready for it, insisting that the North which was not ready and not interested must be carried along, else no independence. This led to unilateral compromises made in favor of the North by the Southern leaders, and huge political concessions made by ever-willing British to the North, essentially sealing the fate of the South as subordinates and serfs of the North, in return for independence together. This colossal mistake is the seed that grew the forest of problems that Nigeria is, eventually leading to the war.

If Nigeria or anyone claims that the Igbo /or Biafra started the war, they are being either deceitful and or ignorant, consistent with the lying tradition of Nigeria. The immediate cause of the war had to do with “operation wetie” which was happening in Western Nigeria in Yorubaland. This is how Wikipedia puts it: “Operation Wetie (English:soak him with petrol and set him ablaze) was a violent protest that took place in Western Nigeria between political thugs, the Hausa-Fulani natives and some members of the Nigerian National Democratic Party during the First Republic which eventually led to the first military coup in Nigeria on 15 January 1966.“ OPERATION WETIE. The Yoruba giants in the persons of Awolowo and Akintola were warring between themselves, violently dividing and taking their entire people with them, leading to the unwelcome intervention of the federal government of Nigeria (considered biased by one faction) and declaration of a state of emergency in the Western Region.

The ensuing crisis led to a bloody but initially welcome military coup by Nigerian military officers to save the West and the Federal government of Nigeria. Soon, this coup would be dubbed an Igbo coup and the entire Nigeria turned against Igbo, engaging in the most vicious pogrom and ethnic cleansing against Igbo as the scapegoat, driving surviving and wounded Igbo dripping blood limping back to Igboland and Biafraland. Had it stopped there, there still would have been no war. But now, Nigeria threatened the Igbo and other Biafrans even right there in Biafraland, the Igbo’s last refuge. When Biafra was declared, it was in self-defense. When Biafra went to war – when we went to war – it was in self-defense.

Liar Nigeria refuses to explain and justify how it is that it brutally drove the Igbo and Biafrans out of every other part of Nigeria forcing them to flee to their own ancestral land, and yet still expected the Igbo to be partakers of so-called “one Nigeria”, or to not defend herself when it was attacked therein. Today, everyone knows that the Igbo – Biafrans – are not safe in any part of Nigeria, not in their person, not their property, not their businesses. Nigeria continues to wage the same war. And Biafra is our only protection and must now be restored.

We have no interest in engaging Nigeria in war. Our goal is the restoration of Biafra; our method is Referendum, our principle is Self Determination. We have much to contribute to the world and to humanity. It’s time at last to take our place among the comity of world nations.

Please Join us in making this a reality despite heavy persecution by Nigeria and her agents Biafra remain our only hope.



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