Various -Biafra activists has have been urged to merge into a Biafra United Front to advance the struggle for independence and defend themselves against Nigeria violence. Washington based Organisation of Emerging African States (OEAS), whom Biafra is a charter member made the call earlier today in a press release to people of Biafra and southern Cameroon.

The organisation  which fights to achieve total freedom in Africa by dismantling of 1884 Berlin borders, is now calling on all pro-Biafra groups to put aside their internal differences and come together to push for “Biafra provincial Government” for the soul aim of achieving  independence.

Press release

On December 4, 2015, the OEAS issued the following demands to the Nigeria government to be met within 90 days:


1.  Immediate release from jail of Biafra Zionist Movement, MASSOB, IPOB and Radio Biafra supporters including Benjamin Onwuka and Nnamdi Kanu.


2.  All federal military and police FORCES to stand down and return to their barracks.


3.  A snap referendum on Biafran self-determination to be held within 90 days.


The Nigerian federal government’s response has been to jail more Biafrans and use its military to massacre unarmed Biafran demonstrators


On the issue of referendum, the Nigerian government has dismissed the idea and has related that inflexible position with the European Union’s representatives.


Therefore, the OEAS calls for the creation and implementation of a Biafra United Front to use all necessary means to achieve these goals.  The OEAS offers its good offices to put out a call for the creation of a united front and organizing meeting of all groups in greater Biafraland and environs including the Annang, Effik. Kalabari, Ibibio, Idoma, Igala, Igbo, Ijaw, Itshekiri, Ogoni and Urhobo communities.


All involved groups and organizations must put aside their internal differences, personality issues, and regional differences. The All-Biafran Conference (ABC 2016) should be convened within the shortest time possible at the location to be provided by the OEAS. Failure to unite in the face of the Nigerian oppressor that slaughters, maims, and imprisons innocent victims aids the enemy by supporting the lie and calumny of tribalism.


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