No one needs to tell you, remind you or convince you that you are Biafran. No sensible person should be asking you to give them a reason as to why you are Biafran, or to justify your Biafran-ness. You and your ancestors have owned and resided on this piece of geography and real estate for as long forever, centuries before the colonial overlords grabbed up Africa for breakfast, carved it up at lunch time and left only named bones after supper. That’s your heritage: nothing—neither life nor death—can take that away.

By such doing, Biafra was forced into Nigeria even though the colonialist knew quite well that it was a huge mistake, a fruitless and futile effort. Unfortunately, what they knew so well has eluded Nigerians and their leaders: they pretend that Nigeria is one or can be made one: what an illusion and self-deception. They pretend that banging a square peg into a round hole will make a fit, given enough banging or enough time, or even doing nothing else at all.

Now that we have all awoken, let us state it clearly. We are Biafrans. There is no dispute and we are not going to quarrel or argue with anyone on that, nor are we going to apologize or hide what we are. We are Biafrans. Being Biafran neither wages war nor peace with Nigeria. Nigeria didn’t make us Biafran and cannot unmake us Biafrans. Nigeria did not make us what we by nature are and has no way to unmake us what nature makes us.

Simply stated, in restoring Biafra, we neither make war nor peace with Nigeria. If Nigeria feels offended that we are Biafrans, that’s pure racism on their part. If Nigeria wants to continue to unilaterally wage war against us because we want to be who we are—Biafrans—that’s pure unprovoked aggression. We have nothing that belongs to Nigeria; we seek nothing that belongs to Nigeria, and we are holding nothing that belongs to Nigeria. When we reside anywhere else in Nigeria, we are considered alien and constantly reminded of it and openly made to feel that way, and marked for poor and vicious treatment, and are constantly reminded in so many ways that neither our property nor our business nor our person is welcome or safe or secure. This is so bad and has gone unchallenged long enough that Nigeria has extended the same treatment to us even in our own ancestral land, our own homeland, Biafraland, their unjustified and unjustifiable excuse being that we lost the Biafra war. Yes, the Biafra war: we will take this up in a later broadcast.

We do not seek war with Nigeria in actualizing Biafra. We do not intend to either; we do not have to go to war with anybody over Biafra, for that matter. Our right to Self Determination—to be who and what we are and what we decide we are—is consistent with and guaranteed by both UN and AU resolutions. We stand by those rights and will exercise them. We are exercising those rights at this time. Nigeria is legally bound to respect those resolutions. It will, not because we say so, but because Nigeria knows so; the world expects Nigeria to be a responsible member and will certainly hold Nigeria to the law on this.

The universally accepted non-violent / non-confrontational and non-controversial method to work out Self Determination uses the tool of a Referendum. This is our preference. Therefore, Biafra prepares for a Referendum. In future broadcasts, there will be more information on the matter of this Referendum.

To summarize:

We are Biafrans. Biafra is our right. We exercise that right. A referendum, will complement the process.




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