The great people of Biafra you have the opportunity to demand Liberty just like British people who just voted in a watershed referendum in which they were asked in civilised form whether to be in or out of the European union, but us Children of Biafra we are forced to permanently hand over all our political power to people who have been wrong about everything, So that they can rule over us like kings.

Sound like a deal ? it’s not being presented to us in exactly those terms, of course, because .. well, because we’re being conned.

That’s right, we’re being swindled out of our sovereignty, our Ohacracy, our security, and our freedom by corrupt self -serving career politicians who have never had a real job between them.

Some of our western friends seem to think that one Nigeria is a kind of united state, and therefore a good thing. in facts, it’s more akin to a new soviet union, and that why Biafra needs to get out. it doesn’t have a constitution that guarantees fundamental liberties and government by consent, because its primary purpose is to eliminate the need for democratic consent, to empower politicians at the people’s expense, and to make them our RULERS, not our servants.

Career politicians hate ohacracy because it holds them to account, at least up to a point. it means that every few years they have to justify themselves to plebs like you and me. its must infuriate them to think that their influential well-paid jobs and their grand utopians political projects depends entirely on the shallow opinions of idiots like us. of course, they re going to try to remove us from the equation. we are the problem.

The one Nigeria union of attraction was designed from the outset to take care of that problem by removing the people from the governing process entirely, so that career politicians and their friends in big business could form a cosy cartel for their mutual convenience, a place for Colonia gangster and empires of impunity.

This is why small business Biafra land is buried under by an avalanche of unnecessary meddling regulations that prevent it from competing effectively with big business.
It’s also what passes for democracy in Nigeria union is like a building on movie set, all front and no substances or masquerade only good for dance because when you’re imposing a grand political plan on people you can’t just abolish Ohacracy or there might be a riots, so you give them a kind of decaf version, where people are elected to a puppet senates, and National assembly of powerless political eunuchs who are not allowed to initiate any legislation or remove the government. And most of them are quite happy to go along with the charade because they’re so well paid for it. obscenely well paid.

The good culture of apprentice and start up ideology by our ancestors has all been destroyed and economic growths zeroed by blind folks who occupy our electoral offices.

Like everyone in hock to the one Nigeria they re effectively being bribed with our money and the people who run things know they can get away with this sham because they know that most of us are really not paying attention. After all, it’s only one Nigeria . but of course it’s not Nigeria at all, is it ? it’s one Nigeria , Nigeria union an authoritarian political entity that has been superimposed on innocent people of Biafra by unscrupulous career politicians, military vandals and Colonia administrators who have stolen good nation of Biafra.

if you look into one of the people urging us to stay in the sham called Nigeria you will find they are motivated by grubby self -interest, whether it’s a fat Corrupt money or oil allocation, contract of cutting cake during opening of building or own property and business in Abuja and Lagos and they don’t want to lose the fact corrupt proceeds or contracts they ‘ve got their eye on.

Lucrative fraudulent grants they’ve been receiving, or some other kind of Nigeria ill-gotten or stolen money meaning our money that is going into heir pocket. it’s what we Biafrans have come to know as daylight robbery, they drank good water and destroyed the streaming point.

Look into it yourself and you will see.

Recently the worst the worst Nigeria vice president in history was in a function to lecture us on how he would invest billion into niger delta if he was the president and the worst Nigeria president Buhari lecturing on Aljazeera on how to go about our freedom while he murders our children, to add insult to injury he threaten us if we leave Nigeria. in doing so, he showed himself to be as arrogant and dishonest as he weak and incompetent , and nobody was a bit surprised.

What he didn’t tell us is that he wants us to stay in slavery because he wants to push through a sinister trade deal with Arab nations and Sunni Islamic and multinationals.

This would allocate your G-d given ancestral land to Fulani terrorist from Libya and all Arab, a conquest right to graze in your home and farms, if you dare question it ,you would be thrown to jail or sued by the sharia military decree called Nigeria 1999 constitution, the consequences is unimaginable.

But the one Nigeria union remember at its core is not about trade or diversity in other word multiculturalism or mutual respect, it’s about power, it’s about impunity of the highest order and disrespect for human life and taking away our core value for life.

The diversity or trade is the blindfold they’ve used from the beginning. and even now in this quest for liberty,sovereignty justice, and fairness, they’re focusing on obsessively on multiculturalism transient economic threats. You’ll be better, off, you will be worse off by this amount, by that amount -you don’t produce food and you have no access to sea water all desperate measure of lies, who knows and who cares ? but suddenly everybody is a clairvoyant to deflect our attention away from the real question.

which is who made the laws that we have to live by ? Abdul salam Abubakar, did he consult us ? did we sign up of this union ? how is this union being managed? who are they accountable to ? most importantly how accountable are they directly to us ? who benefits of us.
That’s all that matter ?, is Ohacracy the objective ? because everything else flows from that.

If we can’t remove the people who govern us then we live in a dictatorship, however, many fancy labels and buttons and bows they dress its all up in. we cannot remove the people who run Nigeria, no matter what they do. So they do what they want. They remove elected ohacracy choice of candidate, whose policy they don’t approve of. they overrun and ignore ohacracy IKE IGWE, whose results they don’t like.

They break their own rules whenever its suits them with absolute impunity. and their fantasy Africa largest union of attraction, they have never improved a generation upon generation from one end to the other .

Youth unemployment is now above 90 percent of the population, zero economic plans from generation upon generation, everything this Hausa-Fulani Nigeria occupational masters has touched has been a disaster. They couldn’t have done a worse job if they had purposely set out to screw things up. and we want to give these people, even more, chance to define our future ? Children of Biafra are you insane ? they meddled in Bakkassi and got another tyrants attention, Paul Biya of Cameroon and he took Bakassi province away via the international court of justice, they are on a verge of losing northeast to Islamic state terrorist, what is left for you to understand these people are incapable of governance.

Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchies reckless insistence on land grabbing of our territory for Arab grazing cattle terrorist has turned into full-scale terrorist invasion of Biafra communities by hundreds of thousands of fighting age Fulani terrorist who never respect our culture Omeneala and never stop telling us how much they hate us, calls us infidel, from nimbo Uzo uwani enugwu province to Anioma where traditional ohacracy leaders and indigenes are being slaughtered by this invading terrorist moving about with ak 47 automatic rifles. Only G-d knows the next town or when it will happen.

Kaduna and Kano should have served as the example to us but we are too liberal to see facts we kept quiet and ignored it as the police and the media do their best to cover up Benue Uzo uwani Nkpor and Asaba Genocide.

We heard of the setting up of caliphate and installing of empire in Anioma and Akwa Ibom by invading Fulani terrorist who murdered our traditional ruler, a day shall come when they would become indigenous people of Fulani and Anioma community or delta as they may prefer, just as they did become Hausa Fulani erasing Kanuri people out of the map.

What next build terror camps across Ebonyi province and Enugu as IMO provinces are already under Sokoto caliphate installation mallam Ewu ocha and their children begins to drag your umunna clan right with you .
and there is nothing our miserable excuse government can do about it, because they’ve sold out our sovereignty to the bunch of unelected bureaucrats who don’t have to care what we think about anything,because we have been left high and dry with no means of making them care.

Why would free people ever sign up to an arrangement like that ? unless they were conned or forced into it ? and we were forced into this outrageous union of evil called Nigeria, an 1884-1885 Berlin state in Africa the worst post-European occupation in Africa, the second to nazi german regime in the world.

A genocide state, a place where the fundamental rights of indigenous people is totally denied at every level of governance and policies.

This union is an overarching power-grabbing monster, a terrorist state that now threaten our security and freedom .

We were conned during the amalgamation and we are being conned again by likes of ohanaeze Rochas okorochas oby ezekwesiri, nigige and all poppet of nigeria government asking you to stay in this long con liberty coup that has taken century or decades to set up.

With this quest for our freedom we must not be a people who get conned again into Nigeria 419 fraudulent one Nigeria and hand over our live savings to Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchy.

Maybe you’re one of the people who hasn’t decided yet maybe to join the liberation movement or not, or made up your mind to leave this fraudulent union of force, because of the slogan inclusive to be in and you can’t be bothered to investigate any further because you might lose your property or business in rest of Nigeria when we leave the union of fraud.

Well, Ghanaian people own properties in England and Hausa-Fulani people certainly own properties in Kensington and Chelsea borough of London .
No one has asked them to surrender because they are Hausa-Fulani, you can leave anywhere and do business with the law of that nations and intentional but your liberty is guaranteed by Biafra government. a nation that Cares .

Biafra government shall respect international laws dealing with Self-Determination and Protection of Human Rights and rely in particular on the Geneva Conventions Protocol II
The lands and natural wealth of Biafra shall belong to the respective peoples and communities of Biafra; and shall be secured to the peoples as individual private property and communal property; lands and natural wealth may be expressly conveyed (by the people) to the government of Biafra for development purposes and for the collective benefit of all of Biafra’s peoples in accord with laws of the land.

Each person possesses the fundamental right to information, knowledge and ideas; and to write, speak and otherwise express himself or herself freely; the Government shall make no law in principle or kind abridging these rights.
No people among Biafran peoples shall be denied their culture; each culture shall be fully respected under the law; and all cultures shall be held in the highest respect as equally valued.

Once again I remind you, my dear good people, that if you are still considering staying in Nigeria for one more second please throw into the bin, The Nigeria government to use people like you who neither bother or wants to involve politics to keep you into his unholy union.

This liberation movement is more important than anything else because they would use people like you to keep our generation unborn into bondage and Islamic them all.

Would you like to see or hear in your grave that your daughter or grandchild’s hands were cut off because they danced or slept in the hotel room? would like it if you hear that your daughter’s head was cut off because she wore a cloth, An Hausa man didn’t like or she blasphemed the terrorist Mohammed who married 9year old and beheaded those with opposing views.
This is a moment of history it’s important not just to our self but to our future generation, we must all come out in mass and join the liberation and demand referendum.
its time we all sing one song that is independent sovereign state of Biafra.



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