Biafra militia vows to make Biafra and Nigeria ungovernable over issuance of travel certificates to Biafrans in exile Biafrans in Exile, a guerrilla militia organisation in the diaspora with affiliations to agitators for a sovereign state of Biafra, have warned that the Federal Government of Nigeria should stop issuing Travel Certificates (TC) to people of the old Eastern Region, an area declared as the Republic of Biafra, since they are citizens of the nation of Biafra.

Speaking in a press statement sent to Biafra 24, and signed by Commander Terror Ochiagha, leader of the militia, the group vowed to make the whole Nigeria and Biafra ungovernable by unleashing terror on constituted authorities. The statement, while declaring that the people of the region have been held captive in their own lands, stated that, according to the United Nations declarations on indigenous peoples, the people of Biafra have a right to decide where they belong without recourse to decisions of Nigeria’s government. “We are sending clear warnings to the Nigerian Embassies all over the world to stop issuing TC to Biafrans, with the aim of capturing them on arrival into their motherland. Be aware, we will sink your nation. History will bear me witness that we have warned you”, said the guerrilla commander.

It therefore warned that the Biafrans, a people whose territory stretches from the present Edo down to Bayelsa in the South-south, and from Anambra down to Abia in the South-east, should be allowed to have their own nation. The statement read partly: “why else would Nigeria and it’s corrupt and selfish government keep us in bondage, if not to continue to steal our wealth? In the river-line, we are blessed with natural resources, the black gold, which is the envy of nations. In the dry land areas, we are blessed with exceptional human resources, hardworking and business-minded individuals,

who without them, Nigeria wouldn’t have been bearing the name, ‘giant of Africa’. Without our oil, where would you be? Without our business men and women, Nigeria would have remained like Somalia, land of poverty. But has it made them better? Because you rob us, you have refused to grow, while almighty God has continued to bless our land”. The statement further hailed the efforts of Niger Delta militants, telling them to be battle ready, as the time to begin fresh attacks on Nigeria had come.


  1. Nigeria and their corrupt government….
    Pharoah let my people go, Pharoah refused. He, his men together with all his chariot later got drown in the sea….Nigeria, this is going to be ur fate if you keep on refusing to let go of us the BIAFRANS….CHUKWUABIAMA IS OUR STRENGTH….


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