My fellow citizens: Biafra the only country you can truly call your own, the country where your freedom is guaranteed, the country where your human rights are guaranteed and protected, the country where your children’s future are guaranteed and protected, the only country you can truly call your own, summons you to duty today.

My fellow citizens these are challenging times. But it is in challenging times like this that men, women and children show their character. It is in times like this that people stand up to be counted. Our people Annang, Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Ijaw, Ogoja, Itsekiri, Isoko, Esan, and Urhobo, you have been subjected to the most horrific persecution, brutalization, and slaughter by Nigerian savages. The persecution is still ongoing.

Our ancestral land has been occupied and is being destroyed every day by the agents of Satan Nigeria. Our natural resources and money counted in billions of dollars are looted and stolen every day by the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchs, the Sokoto Caliphate, and other agents of Satan Nigeria. Every few months Nigerian savages slaughter our husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, and relatives. Sometimes they massacre our people in hundreds. At other times they slaughter us in thousands. Killing our people and looting their property and goods has become a business for Nigerians. A few months ago our people were slaughtered by Nigeria forces.

Now it is in Bauchi where our people are being slaughtered and their property looted. The worst is that there is serious allegation that the Hausa Fulani are selling poisoned food to our people to cause as many deaths as possible. We have not been able to positively confirm this allegation. But realize that there is usually no smoke without fire. We cannot continue to live like slaves in Nigeria or become savages like Nigerians. We have only one choice and that is to separate from Satan Nigeria and have our own civilized country called Biafra. That’s all.

They beat you like a dog whenever they like; they seize your land, pollute it, destroy your farmlands whenever they like; they steal and loot all the billions of dollars derived from the resources in your land whenever they want and that is all the time; they burn down your houses whenever they like; they arrest and rape your wives and daughters whenever and wherever they want and give them all kinds of deadly diseases; they slaughter your men, women and children whenever they want; they force your children to convert to Islam and to abandon their beliefs. They do all these things with impunity and without consequences. They have never expressed sorrow and are never sorry for the horrific crimes they have committed against you since 1945.

When was the last time you heard or saw a Nigerian arrested, prosecuted, sent to jail or sentenced to death for killing a man, woman or child from the Eastern Region? When was the last time you heard any Nigeria government official; president, governor, minister, apologise for their people’s behaviour of looting and burning your houses, and your property? Never! It never happens! Rather they laugh at you when you cry and lament; they make fun of
you and make stupid jokes about you; they make a caricature of you, and then they celebrate your demise.

They tell their children that you are not worth anything that you are like garbage, in fact that you have no homes otherwise you will not be coming to live in their towns and cities after they have killed you in thousands. They tell their children that killing you is actually doing a service to Allah since it is equivalent to removing garbage from Allah’s territory. No wonder generations of their children have continued to slaughter you in thousands for sixty years now.

To make it even worse they recruit our own brothers and sisters and they join them in persecuting you. Any one of you who feels really proud to be called a Nigerian let him or her raise her hand. Any one of you who feels really happy with the way he or she is treated by Nigeria and her agents raise his or her hand. Nobody; except perhaps the thieves who have joined them in destroying our people. So if the only reason why you are in Nigeria is so they will still have the opportunity to kill you, loot your property, steal your wealth and natural resources, destroy your land, rivers and streams, rape your wives and daughters, and finally slaughter you at their convenience, isn’t it time for you to have your own country where your life will be safe, your houses will not be looted, burned and destroyed, your children will live safely and happily, your property will be safe and you will enjoy the good life and be treated like a human being? Isn’t it time yet?

This is why Biafra is calling you. It is time to have your own country; your country whose primary responsibility will be to protect and defend you against any threats and any enemies and to give you the opportunity to live in freedom, liberty, and dignity. Wouldn’t you like to live in a country that is like Israel or the United States of America? If anyone is crazy enough to kill one Jewish man, woman or child the Israeli armed forces will kill one thousand of that person’s brothers and sisters in retaliation. So also an American!

This is why we are calling on you to join the movement to build Biafra Shadow Government (BSG). BSG will be in Biafra only. It will not be in Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Jos, London, or the United States of America. Hear it again BSG will only be in Biafra and nowhere else. If you live in Abuja, Kano, or Lagos you can still participate very actively in setting up the BSG.

Biafrans in Abuja will hold their meetings in Abuja; those in Kano will hold their meetings in Kano; those in Lagos will hold their meetings in Lagos. Whatever money you raise at your meetings you must keep that money at your location to help you carry on the activities that will follow soon. Have accurate accounting and put your money in a reputable bank. After your meetings in Abuja for example send delegations to your home in Biafra to meet the people who are setting up the BSG in your town, local county, and province. You will become members of the BSG in your town, Local County and province.

There will be no functioning BSG in Abuja because Abuja is a foreign town. It is not a Biafran town, local county or province. The same thing with Lagos, Jos, Kano, and foreign countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa, etc.! Get this clearly; you are setting up a functional Biafra Shadow Government in your own country which is Biafra not in Nigeria or Ghana. This is why a man or woman living and doing business in Lagos, Accra, Libreville can come home and serve his community as the chairman of Abonnema, Okpuala Ngwa, Etche, Idemilli, Orumba, Asaba, or Opi Local county for a number of years if his people elected him to serve them and at the end of his term go back to Lagos, Accra or Libreville and continue with his business. To be able to do this he or she has to be an active member of his home community and be part of the Biafra Shadow Government the same way that every man and woman living in those communities are active and are equally eligible to be elected into office.

If you live in a Biafran city like Enugu, Aba, Calabar, Asaba, Onitsha, Awka, or Port Harcourt, work with other Biafrans living in that city to form the Biafra Shadow Government in that city. You will not be asked to pay a kobo in order to contest an election. It is stupid and absurd to ask people to pay money in order to be elected ͞servant of the people.͟

This is why elected officials in Nigeria become thieves and robbers. An honest, very industrious, highly intelligent, but poor local school teacher can be elected the Chairman of his town’s BSG. A highly intelligent, honest, hard working, yam trader in Onitsha can be elected the Chairwoman of the BSG in Onitsha South Local County. Every community, every town, every city, every local county, every province must look for the best people, the best brains, the most honest, trustworthy, industrious, men and women and elect them into office in BSG irrespective of their wealth or none thereof. All those living in foreign towns and countries including Nigeria must work in close collaboration with the BSG in their towns, cities, local counties and provinces. Again BSG is not functional in foreign countries and foreign towns. All government must be local and originate from the grassroots. As our people at home and those in foreign towns work together to form the Biafra Shadow Government we urge them to pay particular attention to the qualities that will qualify our men and women to be elected as officers of the BSG. Such men and women must be Biafran patriots whose zeal for Biafra will be unquenchable. They must be people with the impeccable character whose honesty and truthfulness are transparent. They must be people who are not given to corruption and bribery in any form. They must be people known for their high intelligence, the ability to work in their community for the common good of their people and must have a reputation for being humble. These are the people who will lead Biafra. To facilitate the work of forming the BSG, BGIE has created six zones in the Republic of Biafra. This is for the purposes of organizing BSG only. Each of these zones will have four leaders who will oversee the work of forming BSG. They will travel from town to town and from city to city. They will travel to Nigerian towns and cities and invite our men and women from foreign towns and countries to meet them at their base. For purposes of security, the names of these leaders will be disseminated secretly. Again they will take charge of facilitating the setting up of BSG in all Biafran towns, cities, local counties and provinces. The six zones covering the entire area of Biafra are as follows: 1.Enugu, Nsukka, Abakaliki, Ogoja, Obudu, Onueke, Awgu, and Udi. 2.Awka, Otuocha, Onitsha, Ayamelum, Ogidi, Nnewi, Aguata, Orumba, Orlu, Mgbidi, Okija, Ozubulu, Atani, Ihiala, and Oguta.
3.Afikpo, Okigwe, Owerri, Okpuala Ngwa, Arochukwu, Umuahia, Egbema, Ohafia, Aba, Bende, Ohaji, and Ogba. 4.Calabar, Ikom, Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, Oron, Opobo, Itu, Bonny, Port Harcourt, Okrika, Obubra, Ugep, and Bori. 5.Degema, Abonnema, Buguma, Tombia, Nembe, Brass, Yenagoa, Ahoada, Elele, Omoku, Ndoni, Ikwerre, and Etche. 6.Asaba, Ebu, Issele Uku, Ogwashi Uku, Umunede, Agbor, Ibusa, Aboh, Nsukwa Ogidi, Okpanam, Ubulubu, Idumasah, Ishiagu, Umuagboma, and Ndokwa. Fellow Biafrans, these zones were created specifically to facilitate the formation of BSG all over Biafra. They are not provinces or local counties and will cease to exist as soon as we finish forming BSG in Biafran towns, cities, local counties and provinces. While the Biafra Charter calls for eleven provinces, during this transition period we will stay withthe twenty original provinces in Biafra plus Asaba Province which will be the new province on the west side of the Niger to accommodate everybody. Fellow Biafrans always remember this, in Biafra, government will be most effective at the grassroots, that is in towns, local counties, and provinces. Every community will elect its own leaders who will govern them, maintain law and order, and plan and execute development projects. Leaders will be accountable to the local communities that elected them and will be removed from office by their communities whenever they so desire. The stupidity of imposing as rulers thieves, criminals, and liars from far away on hapless communities only for them to persecute the poor people and steal every penny they have will never happen in Biafra. Such stupidity is reserved for failed states like Satan Nigeria. In Biafra you the common man will be in control of your government. It is only through such a system that a young, energetic, highly intelligent, honest, not wealthy young man like Barack Obama was elected President of the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America. That is our model and that is where we are going. Fellow Biafrans, we remind you once again, nobody will give you Biafra. The United States of America will not give you Biafra. The United Nations will not give you Biafra. You, Biafrans will take back your country, Biafra. Here’s how. First you wrote and adopted a Charter which is an agreement on how your country is to be organized in the short run until you have a constitution. Next you are now forming a Biafra Shadow Government (BSG) in every town, autonomous community, city, Local County, and province. Next, you will set up institutions of governance to function at all levels of our society and organize education, agriculture, transport and communication, health, commerce, legislature, judiciary, security, etc.

As this is going on, representatives of all the groups in Biafra will meet in a specified location to write the Biafra Constitution. As all this is going on a select group of Biafrans will be working on diplomatic recognition for Biafra. Once the Biafra government structure becomes fully functional underground, duly elected members of Biafra Legislature will meet, debate, and adopt the Constitution of the Nation of Biafra. Then all the paraphernalia of the Nigerian government will be dismantled, removed, and replaced with those of the Nation of Biafra. This will happen simultaneously with the public declaration of diplomatic recognition for Biafra to be quickly followed with international support.
Do not pay any attention to the Nigerian government. It cannot stop you.

Do not pay any attention to the sell out in Biafra who will lie to you that the United Nations has recognized Biafra, that the United States has recognized Biafra, that they drank tea with President Trump yesterday and that they have a meeting with him tomorrow, that they will have lunch with the Queen of England next week, etc, etc. They are nothing but pathological liars, clever rogues, scheming to dupe you, especially the poor people of your hard earned money. Fellow citizens of Biafra our destiny is now in our hands. Let’s get to work and fight like crazy to get the Biafra Shadow Government operational in every town, autonomous community, city, Local County, and province as quickly as possible. Are you coming? If you waste time you will be left behind. May God bless you all and the sovereign independent State of Biafra!

by Biafra Government in Exile


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