We are all born into history. We did not choose to be born into our own unique history. We did not choose to be born Igbo, We are simply born into who we are. We were born into who we are free of coercion, compulsion, or persuasion. We simply became who we are.

As a result of who we are we inherited specific social and cultural values, beliefs, and philosophies that gave meaning to our lives. These values, beliefs and philosophies complete the existential circle that encapsulates who we are. Without them, we will be like just any other animals roaming the wild. Who we are is what gives us the framework to intelligently and efficiently interpret events in our environment, navigate the treacherous seas of interpersonal and international relationships, and strive to protect ourselves, survive and thrive in a rather dangerous world.

Being born into who we are without coercion, compulsion or persuasion and inheriting specific social and cultural values, beliefs, and philosophies form the bedrock of our Identity, the totality of who we are. It is this bedrock that gives rise to our Freedom, and Liberty to be who we are and who we want to be. We do not have to ask anyone’s permission to be who we are. We do not have to apologise to anyone for being who we are. We have the Freedom to be who we are because we are who we are. We do not have to pretend to be who we are not. We do not have to act who we are not. The only way in which we can truly be is to be who we are.

No human being, government, principality, or power has the right, or authority to arbitrarily change who we are. To do that or to allow that to happen to us is to deprive us of the most fundamental aspect of our being – the right to be who we are;  the right to our Freedom and Liberty. Anyone who acts openly or surreptitiously to force this change upon us will be committing the most egregious act of violence against us as individuals, communities or Nations. To deprive one of his identity and his freedom is essentially to kill that person for once a person is deprived of his identity and his freedom he becomes a nonentity, a nonbeing who simply exists and whose existence has neither meaning nor purpose. This person becomes a living dead.

The government of Nigeria in collaboration with the Sokoto Caliphate and the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchy are committing this horrific act of violence on the Igbo and other peoples of Biafra. These rulers of Nigeria have both openly and surreptitiously been destroying and changing the Identity of the Igbo and other indigenous people of Biafra. Individuals and Nations in occupied Biafra have been so forcefully and unrelentingly buffeted by the corrosive cannon balls from the rulers of Nigeria that individual and National identities of the once proud and courageous peoples of Biafra have been turned into mush.

The Igbo and others in Biafra have been known for their love of Freedom and Liberty. The Igbo literally believe that there is a king in every man and a queen of every woman. This is why they have always guarded their freedom jealously. This is why indirect rule introduced to subjugate the Igbo and other people of Biafra during the British colonial era failed woefully. The denial of freedom and liberty which the Igbo and other Biafrans rejected in the colonial era has now been foisted on them by the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchs and the Sokoto Caliphate that rules Nigeria. Freedom and liberty which are routinely denied people in Hausa-Fulani Yoruba land by the Emir, Oba and Village Head are now being fully applied to Biafrans by the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchs. The denial of freedom and liberty has never been part of the identity of Ndigbo.

The people of Biafra have practised a democratic system of government for thousands of years. This is who we are; this is our identity. our democratic system of government is rooted in the clearly articulated philosophy of life that gives meaning to our everyday existence. Unlike the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba whose system of government for thousands of years has been the monarchy, the people of Biafra have never believed in surrendering the freedom they enjoy in a democratic system to a dictator who will have the power of life and death over them. Today the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchy has forced monarchy, an alien system of government down the throats of the Igbo in the occupied Republic of  Biafra.

The people of Biafra have always believed that leadership is a privilege, not a right. This is why once elected by the people leaders among the Igbo are held accountable to the people and the community they serve. The people demand and get accountability from their elected officials. They reserve the right to reassign and terminate their elected officials based on the official’s performance evaluation result. The Hausa-Fulani Yoruba and the Sokoto Caliphate on the other hand always believed in the principle of the “divine right of kings.” They believe that their leaders are appointed by G-d and that they emerge through Divine intervention. This belief informs their practice that their leaders are above the law; that they are not accountable to any mortal but their god and that they cannot be removed by the people since it will be sacrilege to remove someone placed there through direct Divine intervention. Leaders among the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba hold public monies and other properties such as land supposedly belonging to the people in trust for the people and manage, sale or dispose of such properties as they like without question from the people. Today the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba have imposed leadership without accountability on our people thereby destabilising our communities, our system of government and breeding exceedingly corrupt government officials who are accountable to no one but themselves.

The people of Biafra have always believed in operating an economic system that is open, free, and transparent. They believe in an open, free market economy in which the people lay down the ground rules for operating within the system and everyone is free to operate within the system and to seek their economic well-being according to the agreed laid down laws and rules. Individuals own what they have and exercise their right according to the law to acquire, dispose, or manage their resources as they see fit. The Hausa-Fulani Yoruba have for centuries operated a medieval feudal economic system in which one or a few lords own, dispose, and manage all the resources in society as well as the instruments of production. The lords set the rules for operating the system. They decide what legal, ethical, professional and acceptable practice is. They decide to whom the laws will apply and how they will apply. They also decide who they will allow to operate in the economic system and how they will operate. The right to private ownership of property, to acquire, dispose and manage such private property and especially the instruments of production is not tolerated not to mention respected. The reality in the occupied Biafra today is that the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate have imposed this obnoxious feudal economic system on our people and our society. This has totally crippled economic activity among the G-d chosen people of Biafra who have been known all over the world for being very vibrant entrepreneurs. It has also liquidated the very philosophical foundation of economic activity among our people – the principle of the right to private ownership of property; the right to own, dispose, and manage one’s private property as ones sees fit. It is not a surprise therefore that economic activity in our society has collapsed resulting in untold poverty and penury.

The people of Biafra are famous for their respect for their laws, and ethics. Acting through their elected representatives they develop a system of laws, ethical codes and practices which are universally acceptable to the people under a constitutional arrangement approved by the people. They interpret and apply these laws, ethical codes and practices in a most transparent manner to everyone without regard to ethnic, gender, class, religious or other characteristics. This ensures justice, stability and peace in the society. The Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchs and the Sokoto Caliphate, on the other hand, have a handful of dictators articulate whatever laws, ethical codes and practices they want according to their whims, without consultation with and input from the people and impose these on the people in a secret constitutional arrangement unavailable to the people but still imposed on them. The dictators interpret and apply such laws, ethical codes and practices in a most arbitrary, selective and nontransparent way. The application of these laws is never universal and is dependent on the individual’s class, gender, ethnicity, religious, and political affiliation, and other characteristics important to the dictators. The selective application of these laws, ethical codes and practices create a spring well of injustice, corruption, and human degradation whose magnitude is comparable only to the capriciousness and greed of the dictators. Ndi-Igbo, please take a look at your society today and you will have no doubt in your mind that the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate have poisoned your society with the primitive, dark age legal system that has reduced your once vibrant and peaceful society to chaos and anarchy.

Time and space will not allow us here to enumerate the other dimensions in which our society has been destroyed by the Hausa-Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate, the rulers of Nigeria. Let us truly sound this warning: “Igbo, and others in Biafra you societies are dying at a very fast pace.” When you think of kidnappings, killings, armed robbery, stealing, prostitution, divorce, collapse of marriages, unwed mothers, massive corruption, embezzlement, bribery, breakdown of law and order, insecurity of life and property, brigandage, massive unemployment, decayed and decaying infrastructure, collapse of education, collapse of social services remember one thing – the only cause is continued to stay in Nigeria. So long as Nigeria continues to illegally occupy Biafra, we will continue to witness the decay and death of our society continue until we decay and smell so badly that no one will venture to come close to us. You can run to Abuja or Lagos, you can join genocidist and baby killer Yakubu Gowon  and other illiterate Nigeria officials to castigate Biafra Freedom fighter, you can fill every room in your house with dollars from bribe money from Willie Obiano or Rochas okoro awusa, Joe Hausakwe or even Mbanefo family and thief David Umahi, you can relocate your family to London or Australia, you can fall down and beg for amnesty from the same Hausa Fulani Yoruba that have been slaughtering your people, you can do whatever you like only remember one thing we are telling you today – your house is on fire, your hair is on fire, your pant is on fire, there is no escape.


Our people in the armed services must think seriously about this. Our people in the academy must stop organising conferences and talk shops and think of practical solutions. Our people in journalism must inform the world in clear terms that all we want is to throw off the yoke of imperialism by Nigeria and take our destiny into our own hands. Our people in the movie industry must begin to project our people’s demand for freedom and independence in their movies. Every man woman and child must now focus on one thing and one thing only – how to separate ourselves from the evil called Nigeria and achieve independence, freedom, self-determination for our people. No more, no less!

Biafra Flag among other nations flag

Biafra National Identity and Passport should be accepted by all Biafra, despite the group of affiliation this would send a strong message of unity and among nations of the world and would serve as a mean of identification just as our Flag today is flying among others in International events.

May G-d bless all you smart people of Biafra and the sovereign independent State of Biafra!







A Special message for you 

By Biafra Government in Exile.


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