It is my guess that the US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry has crafted a cover-event or several cover-events to support a narrative which totally obscures the real reason or reasons for his visit to Nigeria. 

This should not be difficult: Nigeria in its current state with its current administration offers plenty of fodder to weave any storyline any which way.

I am guessing that the US sent Mr. Kerry to Nigeria for two reasons:

1) To dissuade Buhari and his regime from investigating Jonathan on the allegation that he, Goodluck Jonathan, is the sponsor of the Niger Delta Avengers. 

The (US) reasoning is that if Buhari pursues and carries out such an investigation, it will certainly destabilize Nigeria to the point of splintering. 

Mr. Kerry is going to remind Buhari of Buhari’s deal with the US / West not to investigate Jonathan once Buhari is rewarded with the presidency of Nigeria. Besides the fate of Nigeria, Buhari is personally in breach if he proceeds on this course, in the eyes of the West.

2) To express US disapproval of the release of Boko Haram prisoners by Buhari, when it is known that Boko Haram is with ISIL.  

This is coming at a time when Buhari is imprisoning and killing any opposition, especially those working on Self Determination for their different nations oppressed by and suffering in Nigeria, even when most of such opposition is non-violent and is in accordance with civil rights advanced in Nigerian law (a joke); but seriously, civil rights supported by International laws.


My guess is that Buhari will rebuff Messenger Kerry and those who sent him on both counts. 

Buhari will make a fool of Kerry by reminding him that he, Buhari, only promised not to investigate Jonathan for corruption. 

Buhari will claim that he is keeping that promise (even though he has brazenly gone after Jonathan’s innermost circle, and at one time gave signals that he would go after Jonathan himself, anyway). 

If past behavior is anything to go by, Buhari will ultimately investigate Jonathan for corruption, in spite of the idle protestations of the US and the West, when that time comes. 

But for today, he will tell Kerry that he is investigating Jonathan, but not for corruption, which is the deal they made.

As for releasing Boko Haram prisoners, I am guessing that Buhari will also remind Kerry that the US / West forced him to change his tone with the Niger Delta Avengers and the Niger Delta in general, in order to seek less military, less violent solutions, which, according to US reasoning, has a better chance of preserving Nigeria. 

If Buhari can parley with and pardon the Niger Delta (Avengers), why not the same treatment for Boko Haram? 

In any case, this would not be the first time the US acquiesced to Buhari on the issue of Boko Haram: remember when Buhari and co. lobbied the US –successfully too —against classifying Boko Haram as a terrorist organization that it always was and is?

Mr. Kerry will be lucky if he escapes the raw insult which he is supposed to carry back to US as the response from Nigeria and Buhari’ s kinsmen who run Nigeria in his name. 

The contrived cover-up events and smiley photo-ups would be a challenge for even the magician called Photoshop to smooth over. 

Even then, will it matter? 

The US and the West are perfectly willing to tolerate such insults from Nigeria all the time, because they are under the same blackmail which demands that Nigeria cannot be allowed to dissolve and function as the split entities which is has always been. 

For some reason, the US and the West have painted themselves into that corner that thinks and believes that the World could not survive if Nigeria breaks up. 

Thusly, they would do anything, literally anything, to make sure that a Nigeria which is already very split does not come apart. 

This includes accommodating anything Nigeria (read, those who own Nigeria) want. That’s how blackmail works.

The problem with the US and the West is that they never learn their lesson about Nigeria. Correction: they don’t want to learn. 

This condition cannot be blamed on pundits and advisers and counselors who make it their business to issue wrong counsel to the leaders of these countries, for these leaders themselves actually want to believe such hogwash and the latter group, many members therein paid, sense it and deliver accordingly. 

To continue to force Nigeria into an unworkable whole is the wrong counsel and the wrong message, whether or not these leaders and the lobbyists want to accept it.

If it was up to me to give a response to Mr. Kerry, I would tell it to him straight: “The problem of Nigeria is ‘one-Nigeria’.” 

Please take that back to the US and to the West, who already know this, anyway. 

When Nigeria finally accepts that it is already split and the different nations go their different ways, the world will not end on that day; the planet, our solar system and for that matter, the universe, will not collapse and die. 

They will still be standing. There will be a “day-after”. Life will go on—as will Humanity. 

There is no reason to keep postponing that day at the current cost, at any cost.

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc., Nwa Biafra, A Biafran Citizen


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