I read yesterday, that the Fulani army has advanced to Agatu LG of Benue state, burning everything on their path, taking possession of land, unchallenged. I almost panicked. Agatu is closer to Igboland. They are almost upon us, and a showdown is to be expected, from the Nsukka axis.

Those killing and raping in the farms are their connoisseurs, the human compass, who survey the land before the soldiers arrive.

Don’t think they won’t come. The Fulani is a savage nomadic tribe. Islam makes them think that the whole lands belong to them, given to them by Allah. And the desert encroachment is driving them southwards, to lands where the grass is still, green. They believe theselands are theirs, and they intend to settle. They are not planning to settle peacefully, side by side with the natives, but to take complete possession and control. Do you think it won’t happen in Igboland? Then go check out Benue communities.

I told someone that we can take care of the first set of these savages that come in with their cattle. Throw a bag of Gammalin into the stream from which their cattle drink, and kill off the cattle. They will leave. Maybe to come fight later, but then, they will realise that this community knows about them and has aces up their sleeve.

That is how battle worn agrarian communities in the North fight them off. You don’t use diplomacy. They are savages, they don’t understand diplomacy.

Written by Mgbeke Obi.


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