Nigeria as a united country continues to unravel and it is the responsibility of all reasonable stakeholders to continually question the raison d’etre of its continued preservation. The Rights activist par excellence Asari Dokubo is doing just that but most of all he is balancing out the overly tilted scale by the undue weight of those from the Northern and Western parts of Nigeria who believe it is their birthright to monopolise the rulership of one Nigeria to the exclusion of all others. In order to do so they employ such low-class urchins like Joe Igbokwe from the Southeast and South-South. Simply because people like Igbokwe are inconsequential sellouts, serious-minded individuals do not pay them any attention so they shriek and shout themselves hoarse in their dingy obscure corners. They make over-bloated noise to be noticed.

Like a neglected kid, Joe Igbokwe seems to be swathing and beating at every sound-producing object in sight just to make noise and attract attention to self. A feeling of guilt, inadequacy and inordinate desire to be approved by the oppressors make him to try and overreach himself. In pity, people actually turn around and look in the direction of the source of the nuisance and what they see is Joe’s slimy, obscured and sordid spot. In his mind, right now Igbokwe is having the best time of his life, he is getting stares in his direction. Some reasoning persons are turning in that direction but they are frowning and covering their nose. None is smiling because they can see a supposedly grown up kid throwing disgusting tantrums all over the place and dancing naked in the streets. This does not make any sense and like the relatives and friends of a badly behaved imbecile some concerned individuals are scratching their heads and feeling unease at Igbokwe’s infantile theatrics. The only sense this makes is that Igbokwe is making extra efforts, trying harder to earn his pay from his abusive and morally bankrupt paymasters. Unfortunately, well, for Igbokwe, he constantly fails to realise that he is actually holding onto nothing or at best holding onto reedy straws while sinking into deeper slime, by trusting in those depraved characters he aligns himself with while doing their dirty jobs for them.

As the saying goes, like some recently proselytised pagans trying too hard to be more Catholic than the Pope, Igbokwe actually believes that one of these days he would have become more Nigerian than Nigerians. As an Igbo in a la la land of twisted dreams, he is still convinced that in no distant time he would have become accepted by Nigeria and Nigerians and he will suddenly become trusted by the so-called “fellow citizens” of the same country. No one envies anyone in Igbokwe’s position because no picture can be more myopic and pathetic. Let’s try to recreate the picture of his unfortunate predicament thus, Joe goes in the meeting of the unrepentant Nigerian genocidal murderers of Igbo babies, children, women and men and they say how best can we deal with the insubordinate Igbo and their cousins in the South-South who dare to stand in the way of our unhindered and impudent raping of their riches and homeland and Joe says yea I can do that job easily, I am one of them and it will not be difficult for me to do. Meanwhile, Joe is all smiles and excited like the kid in a candy store because he has been admitted in the midst of the supposedly high ranks of those who plot on how to rape his people and prove to them how much stronger and better they are.

At this point in Joe Igbokwe’s latest nauseating antics, none of those watching expects Asari Dokubo to condescend to his level and honour Joe with a response to his attention-seeking desperation. Igbokwe in trying to spearhead Nigeria’s battle against the Igbo and others from that part has constantly proved to be an irrelevant distraction to which anyone who is seriously occupied does not pay any mind.

In Joe’s latest tantrum titled “The Coward called Asari Dokubo and His Empty Threats” published in Sahara Reporter online he did not disappoint, he was in his element, as ridiculous as can be. Rather than waste precious baits on some tiny irksome fish, Dokubo and others should save them for the big fish. Such fanatical fish like Islamic hardliner Muhammadu Buhari that threaten that blood will flow when dogs and baboons fight and he loses election should be responded to and stopped from overreaching themselves at the detriment of the masses from their neck of the wood. Oh yes, Asari is not in the same class with Joe. Asari is way up here; fighting for the rights and freedom of his people while Joe is just down there plotting with those that hate and murder his people. Joe provides the enemy with more gimmicks on how to sell his people and homeland even cheaper. Let the reader be the judge; who is nobler between these two people?

No one would have bothered, at least not myself, to respond to Joe’s praise-singing of his low-class paymasters because it is not worth more than the paper he used to write his rubbish. But sometimes it is not always wise to suffer the fool. Try and call them to order and somehow they may learn. Our caution and advice to Joe Igbokwe is to always try and control himself and choose his fights more carefully. Unfortunately, it seems, in his overzealous anxiety to please his masters; Joe always rushes headlong to meddle in all fights that tend to besmear his people. In this debate I don’t think any conscientious observer of events will miss the difference; Joe is a sellout and the friend of the enemy of his people while Asari is an honourable fighter for his people’s Rights whose efforts are hastening their liberation. Joe lives in a fantasy world where he thinks he is living a one Nigerian dream which in reality is a nightmare from which he will wake up soon to discover that he has only been in a bad dream and chased after the wind.

Joe Igbokwe gets intoxicated and carried away each time he signs his name after writing his fantasies and appends Lagos to it. Each time, on reminding everyone that he makes his home in Lagos, he sincerely believes in his mind that he has finally been admitted into the celestial heaven of the privileged one Nigerian Saints and that nothing can ever be better. It is at that point in his imaginations that he feels quite impregnable and invincible. So, in that dreamy state of the fool’s paradise, to Joe all others who do not live in Lagos like himself working to advance the desire and work of the haters and oppressors are mere cowards. And by Jove, in the exclusive dictionary for Joe Igbokwe; cowards are those that challenge and tell truth to the oppressors and enemies of freedom while courageous ones are those who align themselves with the oppressors and sing the praises of the wicked to high heavens.

Written By Osita Ebiem of Biafra24 and Biafra Government in Exile.


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