Amnesty International (AI) has released a summary of the 524 pages report (formed by 6200 folders), on torture and killings by the Nigerian DSS against Biafrans, at least 119 tortured and killed per day, after receiving overwhelming evidence about continuing torture, massacres and violence against the indigenous people of Biafra. The report, which is based on information collected in five years, through the study of more than 6 million of western intelligence and internal documents provided by the Indigenous people of Biafra, talks about Biafran prisoners forced to endure torture and acts of violence which went beyond the illegal practice of “waterboarding”, a simulation of drowning by pouring iced water on a towel placed on the face of Biafrans kidnapped and made prisoner.


Shocking was the comment of the Nigerian Terrorist  President Muhammadu Buhari: “The harsh methods used by the DSS are absolutely Pro and compatible with the values of our country.” With this comment Buhari has confirmed that the only language of which Nigeria and DSS can speak is violence instead of keeping peace in the country and protecting its citizens. The spread papers held by Amnesty International, speaks of “deception, dishonesty and brutality” by the DSS and British and Iranian contractors that, in secret prisons, forced innocent young Biafrans not to sleep for weeks and suffer continuous and sudden changes from cold to warm temperatures. In many cases, the Biafran prisoners died while they were in the hands of Nigerian DSS.

Buhari and DSS wasn’t the only one accused, also accused were the medical staff of the Nigerian government which approved the use of medical techniques not deemed necessary on all the innocent Biafran prisoners, such as “rectal nutrition and hydration.” The doctors who worked for Nigerian DSS, says Amnesty International , have also spoken of “waterboarding” in which Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra and a Prisoner of Conscience, was subjected to at least 83 times, as a “series of close drownings”. During one of these “sessions” of torture, a young Biafran “stopped breathing and bubbles began to come out from his mouth while open and full of liquid.”

In some cases, the methods used by the DSS terrorist group, majority Hausa/Fulani origin, were so brutal that some members of DSS of Biafran origin would attempt to refuse to continue the torturing, but subsequently succumbed after receiving death threats and orders by Buhari. According to the report, the regime led by the Islamic fanatics  Buhari, would hide to amnesty International and the UN the torturing methods used in Nigeria, but the Indigenous People of Biafra , are in possession of clear evidence that blames Buhari and DSS. AI said “many of the more extreme torturing methods, including waterboarding, were authorised by the Nigerian Legal Department of Justice during Buhari administration.”

In the statement of AI, that describe the publication of the report as a testimony that will remain as a “stain on the history of Nigeria”, it said that the analysis of the documents held by the Committee through Indigenous people of Biafra  has highlighted a fundamental aspect to judge the torture methods used by the Nigerian terrorist DSS against indigenes of Biafra: DSS in conjunction with the army has provided the Europeans and Americans and the Nigerian public (via Punch, Sahara Report, Authority, Vanguard, Guardian, Sunnews, Nation, Telegraph, Leadership, Daily Trust, Nigerian Tribune, The Tide, Daily Independent and NTA) widely inaccurate information denying ever killing Indigenous People of Biafra  while the brutalities seen against Biafrans are easily defined as a plan of genocide against the people of Biafra which must stop immediately.

Article originally published by Biafra BiafraTimes

Written By Anderline Amamgbo

Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta

Published By Nwosu C.S

For Biafra Writers


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