For the last one week, we in the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) have monitored
and followed the reactions to the Quit Notice issued to Ndigbo living in Northern Nigeria
by the Arewa Youth Forum backed by notable leaders of the Northern Elders Forum.
ADF has refrained from joining issues with anyone on the Quit Notice. Rather we have
monitored various reactions to the Quit Notice. Above all we have place d the whole
episode within a historical context.
On May 6th 2016, ADF was constrained to issue a Distress Call, on behalf of our people,
alerting the world of the massive mobilization by the Fulani herdsmen intent on waging a
jihadist genocidal war against Ndigbo and massacring them as was done during the Biafra
war of July 6th , 1967 to January 15, 1970.
Shortly after the release of this Distress Call to the world, the Fulani insurgents pounced
on the helpless people of Ukpabi Nimo.
“On Monday, 26th April 2016, 500 rampaging cattle Fulani herdsmen invaded the
seven villages of Ukpabi Nimbo in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu
State, killing 48 and wounding several hundreds who have since been hospitalized
and variously discharged by now. Several residential homes and a church were
burnt. Vehicles and motorcycles were destroyed and domestic animals killed.
Thousands of the inhabitants of the seven villages of Ukpabi Nimbo, were forced to
evacuate and flee their communities and are now IDPs in homes, hospitals, town
halls, schools, offices stretching from Nsukka to Enugu. The 48 dead were innocent
victims of a failed State – Nigeria”.
The exact translation of our DISTRESS CALL is essentially the Igbo cry
The cry Abiakwala ha ozo does not really mean that the victim is absolutely helpless and
is unable to defend themselves against acts of aggression,. It is often an attempt to alert
those who might unjustifiably side with the aggressor as was the case in the unholy
alliance that arraigned against the Biafrans in the unholy war of 1967- 70.
Now back to the QUIT NOTICE by the Arewa Youth.
i. Let no one be deceived that it is an act of youthful exuberance. NEVER!
NO, NEVER! The Arewa Youths spoke with the mandate of the Fulani leadership
in Nigeria. They spoke not only the mind of their leaders, they spoke their
ii. Governor El-Rufai said they should be arrested and the Inspector-General said
they should be arrested. The Arewa Youth responded by holding the second
session of their meeting at the same venue unperturbed and undisturbed. So
who is fooling who!
iii. By the way there is no way the Youth could have access to the Arewa house for
such a delicate undertaking without the knowledge of the Governor of Kaduna
State and or top Arewa Elders.
iv. To the hearing of anyone who cares, the leadership of the Northern Elders
Forum, through Prof. Ango Abdulahi came out boldly and without equivocation
endorsed the QUIT NOTICE issued by the Arewa Youths.
The stage is set for another wholescale massacre of the Igbos, killing them not just in the
North but in the whole of Alaigbo as they have practically inundated the area with their
trained and armed foots men who masquerade as tailors, nail clipers, herdsmen, itinerant
traders, okada ridders, et all.
It is by now obvious that the Fulani leadership has convinced itself that such generalised
killing of Igbo can take place without any serious resistance and all that the world would
do is to shout FOUL!, FOUL! EVEN TILL JESUS COMES. And of course by then the Igbo
race would have gone into oblivion.
Remember several test runs have been conducted by the Fulani insurgents without any
repercussions. What do you think such mindless slaughter of Igbos were meant for? They
were not the real thing planned for Igbo annihilation. we mean, if we go into memory lane,
such massacres as
i. Jos 1945
ii. Kano genocide 1953
iii. 1966 pogroms- over 60,000 civilians were killed
iv. May 29th 1967- over 200,000 soldiers and civilians of Igbo origin were killed.
v. 1967-70 – over 3,100,000 killed during the bloody civil war (including the Asaba
vi. Kano 1980
vii. Maiduguri 1982
viii. Jimeta 1984
ix. Gombe 1985
x. Zaria 1987
xi. Kaduna & Kafanchan 1991
xii. Bauchi & Katsina 1991
xiii. Kano 1991
xiv. Zangon-Kataf 1992
xv. Funtua 1993
xvi. Kano 1994
xvii. Kaduna 2000
xviii. Kaduna 2001
xix. Maiduguri 2001
xx. Jos Maiden Crisis-September 2001
xxi. Kaduna 2002
xxii. Jos-November 2008
xxiii. Beheading of Gideon Akaluka in December of 1996 in a POLICE STATION in
xxiv. Post-April 2011 Presidential Election: 10 youth-corps men & women and
numerous citizens murdered because a Christian Southerner was elected.
xxv. Jos Christmas Eve 2010
xxvi. Madalla Christmas day 2011
xxvii. Mubi January 6 2012
xxviii. The many Igbo deaths caused by boko haram(which of course has the full
backing of the northern elites).
We may also include the more recent cases of
xxix. Nimbo Massacre
xxx. Awgu massacre
xxxi. Abia massacre
xxxii. Beheading of Bridget Agbahume. The killers of Bridget were released on the
orders of the Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdulahi Umar Ganduje, who was
recently awarded Zik’s Prize for leadership, an act which ADF clearly
condemned sa discretion of all that Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe lived for.
xxxiii. The killing of the Apo 6; a case whose disposal and handling revealed much
about the federal security agents and their hate or non-value for the Igbo
xxxiv. In late January, 2013, more than 50 dead bodies were seen floating on Ezu River
in Anambra State. These bodies were later identified as remains of some
missing MASSOB members who were taken away from a meeting venue in
Anambra State.
xxxv. In 2016 a university graduate farmer, Ndubuisi Uzoma, was beheaded in his farm
at Iddo community along the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Road, Abuja
by Fulani herdsmen. His headless corpse was found in the pool of his blood on a
Sunday by his relations, who went in search of him when he failed to return from
the farm.
Sir, you can see that when it has been tested again and again that life of people of a
particular nationality does not count and that they can easily be sacrificed for political
reasons, then it becomes a ritual habit for the butchers. It is our duty to stop this. No one
else the world over can do it for us.
Can anyone take the life of a Jewish man, an Englishman, a Frenchman, an American or
even a Fulani man and nothing happens.
That is not the Main Issue at this historic juncture.
The main issue is that the life of the entire Igbo race is primed for annihilation, to make it
easy for the enthusiastic Arewa Youths to inherit the massive, and may we add mindless
Igbo investment in different parts of the North. Should we simply fold our hands and allow
ourselves to be so humiliated, then annihilated? God forbid!
1966 is not the same as 2017.
It is not likely that the Oduduwa nation will join in the repeat of 1966-70. It is equally
unlikely that the Tiv and the Idoma of Benue State will enthusiastically join the Arewa to
massacre the Igbos this time around. So is it equally most unlikely that the Southern
Kaduna, the Kogi, the Kwara, Plateau and many other non-Fulani elements will join in the
planned war to annihilate the Igbos. They know that they too face the same jihadist plot of
total humiliation, annihilation and takeover of their ancestral homes.
The wider world is not likely to be deceived a second time to join in any unholy war against
the Ndigbo in Nigeria. There is no doubt that we need to advance our case in the manner
current international law and diplomacy can readily absorb.
Igbo Investment in Northern Nigeria.
For our brothers and sisters who may not know and are justifiably worried about fate of
their their investments in the emergent Arewa Republic, they should be told that
and inherit Igbo investments in the Arewa Republic just like that. If Nigeria eventually
dissolves the way they are setting the stage now, these investments shall be the subject of
international arbitration in resolving the terms of the dissolution of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria. It is, however, our duty to articulate this as fast and clearly as possible so .that our
people can overcome the spectre of loss of their property, a fear the enemy keeps
drumming into their rears and minds.
Moreover, not everybody has the cultural and intellectual background on how to manage
or grow investment. So even if Ndigbo are forced to abandon their massive investment in
the Arewa Republic, for the Arewa Youths and their sponsors before a decade is over the
whole area shall become like what our forefathers call OKPULO.
What is really the objective of this new upsurge of insurgency and aggression against the
non-Fulani elements and areas of Nigeria?0
REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. This is the main objective of the ethnic and religious cleansing
that have taken on a heightened wave in the last two decades. Boko Haram and Fulani
herdsmen are two sides of the same tragic coin.
Surreptitious and Arrogant Efforts in Pursue of this Campaign.
i. Overwhelming pro-Islamic provisions in the present Constitution of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
ii. Islamic inspired reforms in the Legal and Educational System
iii. Forceful marriage and conversion of young Christian girls.
iv. Destruction of Christian churches in the core Islamic areas of the north.
v. Killing and maiming of Christian preachers.
vi. Laws limiting Christian religious worship in the North.
vii. Flooding of the South-East with Boko Haram and Fulani insurgents who
occupy strategic geographic places in the South.
viii. Flooding the South-east with able-bodied trained young-men who
masquerade as tailors, artisans, okada ridders, shoe-shiners, nail clippers
, herdsmen, armed robbers who go through every nook and cranny of our
cities and villages identifying the ways and paths in the various
ix. The armed seizure of the lands of the poor peasants from the Middle Belt
to Oduduwa land, to Edo, Ijaw, Ichekiri, Ibibio, Efik, Alaigbo, etc.
In the Light of the above, we, in the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) propose the
following : –
1. An Emergency meeting of IME-OBI OHANAEZE NDIGBO to be summoned
2. At that meeting the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) and some other
pan-Igbo organizations shall move for AN EMERGENCY IGBO NATIONAL
CONFERENCE on the current situation facing Ndigbo and their neighbors in the
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The purpose of these two fora is to assure our people that their leadership, which
includes elected people (past and present), traditional and religious leaders,
intellectuals, business leaders, cultural leaders, leaders of civil society
organizations, women and youth are fully aware of the dangers which they face.
The two occasions will provide opportunity for sharing the widest and deepest
understanding of the dangers we face. And that they are not just after the comfort
of themselves and their families while the entire Igbo race is in danger.
Above all, they will also help to generate the espirit de corps or national
consciousness needed to face the current challenges.
3. At the end of the National Conference, the Igbo Nation shall set up a body of about
a dozen or so people to propose WHAT IS TO BE DONE and how to do it.
Sirs, we wish to emphasize that we are in an EMERGENCY, and also suggest very strongly
that the proposed meetings be summoned soonest within the next two weeks. We need to
fill the dangerous leadership vacuum that currently exists.
Finally, ADF volunteers to help provide the intellectual infrastructure to help articulate the
Agenda of each step in the course of this response to a state of national emergency in
i. HE Chief Alex Ekwueme, former Vice-President of Nigeria.
ii. HE Cmdr Ebitu Ukiwe, former Chief of General Staff.
iii. Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President Council.
iv. All Serving Governors of the South-East.
v. His Grace Prof. David Eberechukwu Chairman of SE CAN
vi. His Grace Maxwell Anikwenwa
vii. His Grace Dr J. V. Obinna
viii. His Grace Vallery Okeke
ix. His Grace Archbishop Bar Chris Edeh
x. His Grace Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma
xi. HM Amb, Igwe L. O. C. Agubuzu
xii. HM Eze Obidiegwu O. Onyesoh M1FR, JP, Nri Enwelana II, Eze Nri
xiii. HM Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoro
Eze Aro of Arochukwu Kingdom
xiv. HM Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe.
xv. Igwe Ralph Ekpe, Igwe of Enugwu Ukwu
xvi. HM Eze Cletus Ilomuanya
xvii. HM Eze Desmond Ogugua
xviii. HM Eze Emenyeonwu Osuji Njemanze
xix. Obi Igwe Martha Dunkwu, The Omu of Anioma
xx. HE Mr Peter Obi
HE Chief Ikedi Ohakim
xxi. HE Chief Okwesilieze Nwodo
xxii. HE Dr Ezeife
xxiii. Capt Emmanuel Iheanacho
xxiv. Prof. Barth Nnaji
xxv. All former Presidents-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
xxvi. Amb Austin Okwu, Igboezue Connecticut, USA.
xxvii. All Former Governor
xxviii. All former Ministers
xxix. All former Generals
xxx. Chief Sonny Odogwu Ide Ahaba
xxxi. All former and present Vice Chancellors
xxxii. President Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)
xxxiii. President #Ndigbo Lagos
xxxiv. President Ndigbo Lagos
xxxv. President World Igbo congress
xxxvi. President Igbo World Assembly
xxxvii. All SANs
xxxviii. Mr Nnamdi Kanu ( #IPOB)
xxxix. Bar Ralph Uwazuruike (MASSOB)
xl. Mr Madu ( #MASSOB)
xli. Etc, etc.


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