No doubt the Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari is in dilemma as how a former warrior for the suppression of Biafra could be the president who presides over the disintegration of Nigeria. A country he fought so hard to keep together. Some writers of the Biafra, Nigeria civil war history, are kind to Buhari as a disciplined young Nigeria officer who did not participate in war crimes at least to the areas he commanded. While some finger him as among the most dreaded member of the kill squad that killed Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi. However it goes, we are not much interested in his past as we confront the evil he represents in the present dispensation.

Recently Lt. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has been battling with intensified agitation for freedom and disintegration of Nigeria. The combined activities of MASSOB, IPOB and other Biafra activists are no doubt giving president Buhari sleepless nights. As a result, he could not take a consistent stand on his approach to the mounting agitation. This dilemma is not going down well with his presidency. However, it is important we start telling Buhari some home truth.

Buhari has said in one occasion that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, while at sometimes he said, “I will let Biafra go if Niger Delta will remain in Nigeria”. This pronouncement completely placed Buhari as the worst student of history. I am sure the president does not understand who the Niger Deltans are truly. Perhaps he was referring to south south exclusively as Niger delta. I think that he needs some education in understanding that Niger delta as defined by the document that created the regions, south south is not exclusively the Niger delta region. Imo state, Abia and Anambra states are included in the Niger Delta.

The question is not even on which states will join Biafra because when the come comes to become, Buhari would not have the power to define boundaries and to dictate who belongs where. My concern is the audacity of a Fulani man, whose ethnic group has no ancestral land in Nigeria to dare say which part of Nigeria should belong to where he wills. For the purpose of history, it is import to mention that the date and year Usman Dan Fodio, the ancestral father of Fulanis in Nigeria entered Gobir, now sokoto was documented. It was Emir Yunfa Hausa sarkin, who hosted a Fulani migrant called Usman Dan Fodio on February, 1804. Just 4 years later, Usman and his jihad warriors wiped out the royal family of Yunfa and installed himself as the sarduana of Sokoto and created the emirate as we have it today. This president is not even qualified to discuss boundaries of regions in Nigeria.

May be the president needs to be reminded that the most subject of negotiation in Nigeria today is the unity of Nigeria. Nigeria is no longer a unity because according to Gowon, “the basis of unity has been defeated”. He said this in 1966 during the pogrom against Biafrans in the North. Also it is important Buhari be properly informed that no matter how he looks at it Niger delta will not belong to the north because if Biafra goes, Nigeria will cease to exist. The Oodua People’s Republic will go with their capital in Lagos state. The middle Belt will go with their capital in Abuja. With this in mind, I think Buhari and his Northern landlords should start thinking where the capital of Arewa would be situated because Oodua will not leave Kwara state for the North.

Fact to take home is that the Spirit of Biafra which represents justice and freedom for the oppressed minority tribes in Nigeria has arisen. No death can kill it. No type of python dance or crocodile smile can distract or deceive the people. It is also important to mention that it is not IPOB or MASSOB that is facilitating the division of Nigeria today. It is Buhari himself who has turned himself into the president of Northern Nigeria and a commander-in-chief of herdsmen terrorist groups of the Northern Nigeria.

It will not benefit this nation to keep amassing weapons of destruction because Biafra will come without a sound of gun, no battle, no war except the wars we are fighting with our pens. And this type of warfare cannot be conquered by the barrels of the guns.

One more thing, president Buhari needs to know that there is a gap, a very big gulf between the so-called Igbo leaders and the new face of Biafra of today. Hobnobbing with those rejected elders will not help him out but further confuse his already darkened spirit. Biafra is a youthful spirit; she stands firm and no one not the elders to speak for her. If you are wise, the first step would be to release Nnamdi kanu. He is the only recognised elder in this struggle.

Onyema Uche


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