May 13, 2015
AGGRIEVED Urhobo militants, under the aegis of Urhobo Gbagbako, have said that their decision to blow up oil facilities in Ihwrenen and Ejophe communities in Ughelli North and Ughelli South Local Government Areas, Delta State, was informed by what they described as marginalization and neglect of Urhobo nation by the outgoing administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The group, in a statement by its National Chairman, Otega Obire, said: “The Urhobo nation, as the fifth largest ethnic group in the country, has long been marginalized in the presidential amnesty programme and pipeline surveillance jobs and contracts. Even the Delta Steel Company, DSC, Aladja, that is supposed to be the only federal project in Urhoboland, has been grounded for years.”

Warning that the Urhobo hospitality, simplicity and maturity exhibited to ensure the smooth functioning of government at all levels, should not be mistaken for cowardice, the group in the statement, told the incoming government to create a level playing ground for bidding and allocation of contracts in the oil pipeline surveillance with particular reference to the “Urhobos who are the major host communities of oil facilities and gas plants in line with the Local Content Act.”

Calling for the speedy resuscitation of DSC to reduce unemployment and restiveness in their domain, and by extension promote the economic fortunes of the people, the militants, said: “We accepted change before the elections because we strongly believed in the capacity of the president-elect, General Muhamadu Buhari, to correct the wrongs done to us by the outgoing administration.

“We have resolved to prevail and calm all aggrieved Urhobo youths for a ceasefire after due consultation and meetings with our channels of communication with the incoming government, but it has to be quick in order to avoid a return to the dark days of militancy.”


  1. , The first week of president Jonathan Goodluck’s taking over Administration,, I wrote to the president’s Administrative body saying this and they can check it if it is not true that: If Nigeria has to vanish,that is not important, but the important thing for Jonathan Goodluck’s Administration,is to solve the problem of the Niger Delta people’s Marginalization, by at least allocating certain amount of money specially to these people, even in the presidential Amnesty programme of the pipe line Surveillance Jobs,and contracts, in the Delta Steel Company(DSC) can help these people’s Marginalization problems. And the presidential Body wrote to me,,noted,thank you.
    Remember , these people have no employment in their Areas for years,not even to talk of Unemployment benefits in their lives. No Hospitals nor Clinics, No Schools, No clean water, no Roads, no electricity supply, they are not benefitting from the Economy of the country, although the country’s Economy has always been built on Sand because of too much of Bonouses for the politicians.notwithstanding the fact irrespective of their Oil supply. For God sake, when will Nigeria be wise to have a reasonable president to answer the cry of this Niger Delta people?.
    However, In as much as I don’t support the marginalization of the Urhobo people, Neither do I also condone the violent Acts by the Urhobo Militants for blowing the oil facilities always.
    What clear message are the Urhobo people sending to the Nation, if words do have meanings at all?. That by being violent we can achieve our goals in life?.No, not at all. How long has the violence been in existence in Urhobo Land? So better stop Arming yourselves by taking the laws of the land into your own hands & go along with peaceful means to succeed, So the aggrieved Urhobo Militants’ decision to blow up Oil Facilities in Ughelli South & North Local Govt. Areas, of Delta State-Nigeria on the Auspices of Marginalization and Neglect by President Jonathan Goodluck is most unfortunate, baseless and unfounding. We know that Jonathan Goodluck has Failed himself, Failed his Nation, Failed his own people that is all, that,history will judge him and his corrupt Administration period. Thank you. M.G. Yakubu..


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