The agreement they reached in answer to those two key questions was documented as the Independence Constitution of Nigeria, 1960, anchored fully on powers donated by the three Regions which already had their respective self-governance Constitutions prior to 1960. The over-riding feature of that agreement was a federating model in which the Regions substantially retained their individual independence (autonomy), owned and controlled their resources, contributing there-from towards the upkeep of the Center, a certain percentage (15%), for the limited functions jointly delegated to the Center by the Regions. Each Region had its own Constitution and developed at own pace, using its own resources.
As heavily manipulated by the departing British overlords as it was, this agreement was the basis of independent Nigeria becoming one country (one-Nigeria) in 1960, replacing the old basis of British imposition with a new one founded on agreement. The power by which the British imposed those pre-independent Constitutions derived from their suzerainty (the right of a country to rule over another country) over Nigeria in the colonial era whereas the power by which the Regional Delegations negotiated the Independence Constitution of 1960 derived from their sovereignty (ultimate political power in a country) which independence, in principle restored. Suzerainty is therefore an adverse power submerging and overwhelming sovereignty. The custodian of the power of suzerainty, per force, beneficially own and control all the assets and resources of the suppressed sovereignty.
By resorting to force to subjugate the Republic of Biafra and re-establish one-Nigeria, Gowon’s Government fully assumed the suzerainty vacated by Britain, thereby submerging the sovereignty of the peoples. All Governments of Nigeria to date, since after Gowon, in refusing to restore the agreed basis of Nigeria, were consciously clinging to that power of suzerainty and therefore beneficially owning and controlling the assets and resources of the Sovereign Peoples of Nigeria and subjecting them to internal colonialism where they swim in obscene opulence while the peoples wallow in abject poverty.
In exercise of the power of suzerainty and to make their gain permanent, our new conquerors, between 1966 and 1999, by a series of Decrees, comprehensively replaced the agreement upon which Nigeria was founded and, building upon the 1979 version, collated same into one volume in 1999 labeled ‘the 1999 Constitution’, which one Abdusalam Abubakar imposed via Decree No. 24 of 1999 with the egregious falsehood in its preamble that ‘we the people’ enacted it. This is fraud. This fraud is the basis of the current Nigeria and its governance. Force has replaced agreement as the basis of Nigeria and has been deployed via Decrees, to effect the following fundamental distortions in the original agreement founding the Nigerian Union –

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(i) Our consent to the being and terms of the Nigerian Union was manufactured and emplaced in the preamble that foisted on us, the authorship of the instrument of our enslavement, the 1999 Constitution; in other words, our signature was forged to pretend that ‘we the people’ authorized our damnation.


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