For the Igbos and there brothers in lower niger, the constitutional regime in place today (the so-called 1999 Constitution), is basically a codification of the terms of conquest by Nigeria and its foreign sponsors, to permanently control the war booty (one-Nigeria) via a carefully choreographed constitutional order in which a contrived political majority, created by imposed states and local government structures, arrogantly preside over the lives and assets of a numerical majority who are now a negligible political minority (the Igbos and there brothers), with a 68-item Federal Exclusive Legislative List which firmly put in the hands of the contrived political majority, absolute control of the levers of development and governance. The so-called States are mere administrative appendages groveling at feet of an almighty Federal Government, constitutionally forbidden and incapacitated from doing many things including generation and transmission of electricity, internal security (police), railways, ports, highways etc; all the 68 items.This is the exact opposite of the federal basis upon which Nigeria became one country at independence as each of the then federating units had its own Constitution and developed at its own pace using its own resources and contributing towards the upkeep of the center (Federal Government) for the limited functions jointly delegated to the center. All that changed in 1966 by the military intervention in governance. The negotiated Constitutions that defined Nigeria were sacked and replaced by a series of Decrees culminating in the Decree 24 of 1999 which is now called the ‘’1999 Constitution’’. Nigeria under the current constitutional order thus represent a master-servant reality, worse than the apartheid constitutional order in the then South-Africa.The people of the Lower Niger REJECTS THAT NIGERIA DEFINED BY THE 1999 CONSTITUTION.
The agitation for a renegotiation of Nigeria through a Sovereign National Conference is met by plain obduracy, typified by Ibrahim Babangida’s doctrine of ‘SETTLED ISSUES’ to rudely remind all the agitators for change in Igboland and the rest of Niger-Delta that the terms of the Nigerian Union were settled in the battlefields of Biafra which claimed over 3.5 million lives. It is like ordering the Igbo and the Niger-Delta to shut up, keep quiet and remain in their enslavement or risk being killed again. This confirms that the current Constitution is the victory charter of Nigeria over the peoples of Eastern Nigeria, legitimizing the confiscation of their sovereign rights and assets. The ACF by an advertorial in the Daily Sun of February 3, declared that “ the terms of our Union and those by which the Nigerian Federation are run have been well defined in our Constitution Lower Niger Congress says to ACF: We have not discussed. That unilateral definition will not stand.we must have a Referendum.
Crown Prince Mohammadu Buhari proclaimed before the election that if he is not coronated in the 2015 electoral round, blood will flow. This position was promptly supported by the 19 Northern Governors who despite being of the PDP, queued behind the Buhari position, openly ridiculing, intimidating and humiliated ex President Jonathan out of office. The ACN, which is in open merger with Buhari’s CPC also agree with Buhari. The map of that alliance resembles that of Nigeria in August 1967.

In searching for the source of the arrogance displayed by our conquerors, LNC’s probe into the past led it to the Mission Statement and Battle Script of Sir Ahmadu Bello to his lieutenants in the North, one week after Independence in October, 1960 where, in celebration of a different kind, he declared to them that:
“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.” Parrot Newspaper, 12th Oct. 1960.The reason for the Sardauna’s celebration was laid bare by the recently declassified official records of the British Colonial enterprise in Nigeria, containing evidence of the massive manipulations by which the British created a political majority from a phantom numerical majority, permanently enslaving Southern Nigeria by constitutional gerrymandering. In all, what the British did in 1960 was to cleverly transfer the suzerainty (the right of a country to rule over another country), which it had enjoyed over the territory, Nigeria, for over a century to a favoured local agent, the Fulani, packaging same as independence. Thus while the rest of Nigeria celebrated what they thought was the full restoration of their sovereignty, the truth was that they had merely transited from external to internal colonialism, Animal Farm style!. The attempt by Biafra to get truly independent saw the British leading their local agents to ruthlessly crush the attempt. The Ogoni, Ijaw, and the Yoruba have each tasted of this ruthlessness. We hold nothing against Britain as they merely did what was then in vogue.The 1999 Constitution which represents the full implementation of the 1960 Sardauna’s feudal Battle Script today vests that same suzerainty in the ruling class in Nigeria while the sovereignty of the peoples remain banished in chains. That is why the political office holders are not accountable to the people just like the white minority of South Africa were not accountable to the oppressed black owners of the land and until we dismantle the apartheid-like 1999 Constitution, we will remain slaves while the politicians who rape the land barren are legally put beyond reach for sanction by absolute immunity. We cannot have democracy under such a constitution just as was the case in apartheid era South Africa since no matter how ‘free and fair’ elections may be, the fraudulent ownership and control structures in the Constitution already substantially exclude the Igbo masses and those of the Niger-Delta, even if one their own gets to the seat of power.and that is the reason why Lower Niger congress is calling the Referendum and the body can or will stop the voice of the majority calling for freedom,and we are fellowin the global acceptable means.nothing can stop us..




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