Mosogar—A congress of the working organs of Urhobo nation, at home and in the Diaspora, consisting of the executive committees of its apex body, the Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, the Women (Eghweya) Wing, the Elders/Leaders (Ekpako Urhobo) Wing, the Youths (Ighele Urhobo) Wing and the 24 Presidents-General of the 24 kingdoms of Urhoboland, has passed a vote of confidence on the leadership of UPU, which has Chief Joseph Omene as its President-General and Chief Albert Akpomuje, SAN, as Secretary General. Other members of UPU executive mentioned in the vote of confidence include: Chief Austin Uloho, (Third Deputy President-General); Chief E. E. Okonoko (Assistant National Secretary); Chief Mike Ederewhevbe (National Treasurer); Chief Dafe Akpedeye, SAN, (National Legal Adviser); Chief R. Emecho (National Financial Secretary); Chief M. T. Okenini (National Publicity Secretary); Chief Grace Usirare (National Assistant Financial Secretary) and Chief Asa (Ex-Officio). Motion for the vote of confidence, was moved by the Secretary General of Forum of Presidents-General of the 24 Kingdoms, Chief Kenneth Iwhewhe, seconded by the President of Urhobo Youths Council, Mr Ovie Anthony and was adopted by a unanimous ‘yes’ vote.


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