BIAFRA LAND, March 09, (BIAFRA24 NEWS) – The identity of the son of a former Chief Justice tot he occupational Government of Nigeria (CJN), retired Justice Muhammadu Uwais, GCON, who has allegedly joined the terrorist group, Islamic State, (ISIS) in Syria has been revealed as Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, 41, the third son of the respected retired jurist, studied at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State, where he majored in Business Administration, investigation by Biafra 24 News revealed.

BIAFRA 24 also learned that Nigerian criminal elite occupation forces debriefed the father of the terrorist “Justice Uwais” and members of the Uwais family. The Uwais family has also been receiving messages of solidarity from his fellow Islamic fundamentalist and friends and prominent Hausa Fulani yoruba cleric since the news of his terrorist son “Ibrahim” went public.

BIAFRA 24 had earlier exclusively reported that Ibrahim, his two wives and five children abandoned their family home in Abuja some days back for Syria via Dubai, where he is believed to have joined his fellow hausa fulani islamic notorious terrorist group fighting to establish an Islamic caliphate in the world.

Intelligence reports from the Saudi government through diplomatic channels to the occupational government of Nigeria, according to security sources, confirmed that Ibrahim and his family, who have not made contact with their pretending terrorist families in Nigeria since their departure, have since arrived in Syria.

ISIS presently controls large territories in Iraq, Syria,Libya and Nigeria, where they have been brutal with their jihad activities, few days world major news networks confirmed What we have been reporting “Boko haram link to the islamic terrorist group ISIS”.

Meanwhile, the occupation terrorist government of nigeria, Department of State Security Services (SSS), the massive corrupt  National Intelligence Agency (NIA) are doing nothing to stop ISIS recruiters from luring innocent young people to the terrorist group now synonymous with targeting children of the influential and elites through their islamic masques and  social media.

Speaking with BIAFRA24 NEWS from Lagos on Wednesday, the coordinator of the National Information Centre on the war against terrorism and Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Mr. Mike Omeri, said government agencies are collaborating with organisations and aggressively educating Nigerian youths on the dangers of jihad, BUT we asked why do nigeria constitution allow sharia and jiahd and the other way round you condemned it? that question remain unanswered.

“We are aware that recruiters for ISIS from Abuja zaria, lagos, kwara kano, kaduna and all other norther state are seeking to recruit young vulnerable people, via the mosque and islamic clerics .

The official, who said he had not been officially briefed on the younger Uwais joining ISIS, however pictures and videos do not lie, this mans father was among those who fought and killed Biafrans, today his son is gone to syria to fight with ISIS.

The United Nations and more than 60 countries including Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, the European Union and the United States have designated ISIS as a terrorist organization.

But what they fail to do is to bring to justice those hausa fulani oligarchy’s sponsoring terrorism starting with Matasina to boko haram ISIS, mohammadu Buhari and Yerima and the rest the genocidist.

This power mongers Committed genocide killing millions of innocent Biafrans.


So we are asking how long will the people of Biafra continue to take this ?


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