Cristiano Ronaldo made self-criticism in the mixed zone after the heavy defeat in the derby. “Madrid can not lose against any team 4-0 Missed all, desire and attitude The team was not fresh mentally and physically … but no. excuses, the error is made. “

“We played very badly in every way and in every facet, from top to bottom. He has not left anything and is a day to forget as soon as possible. We must learn from mistakes. We are the league leaders but we must keep fighting until the end. Now if Barcelona win in Bilbao will stay at one point, but we must think positive and see that we leaders. “

We’re screwed because we lost, but, again, you have to think positive as we continue first. In my opinion, Madrid is much better than Atletico. I’m sure we will win the league again. Three years ago we lost 5-0 with Barcelona was, was a difficult day, but we lost three points, not four. just like now. “

Cristiano recognized that the physical condition of some players is not the best: “Without it excuse, maybe playing some were almost always tired”.



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