There is one book, written in the Irish language and translated into English in 1902(it really is like looking for a needle in a haystack)called HISTORY OF IRELAND ,written in 1634, by Geoffrey Keating, and on page 179 it says that” navigators of the race of Cham, who came fron Africa, they came fleeing to the islands to the west of Europe and to make a settlement for themselves.”

–“The first history of Ireland was written around 1600 by an Irish monk, and it talks about the origanal Irish as being from Africa.”

When the early Irish came to the America’s many were enslaved, not on the basis that it was believed their Catholic Religion was a pagan religion, but their features also confused English plantation owners. The thick curly hair and full lips made many state that they were white on the outside and black on the inside. They were considered the niggers of Europe.”

— “My DNA is some of the oldest on the island.

I am an Irish citizen. And my roots are from Africa.

As far as others of Irish ancestry, most are from Norman or Scandanavian groups, or Germanic, such as the Celts.

The African group is more common in the west of Ireland, but rarer in the east and north.”

Black Irish


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