On Saturday the first day of August 2015 ( 01-08-2015) The secretary general of the Lower Niger Congress Tony Nnadi will officially lunch the E- registration website and kick off of the referendum campaign.
With this lunch people can then register online to obtain their voters card.

The choice is between chasing elusive power in Nigeria for the sake of having a taste of power (Igbo Presidency) or taking our freedom now that the Almighty God has given us a workable formula which is already in full gear. If we go for the former and we succeed, no doubt some people will make some billions, probably in dollars but the Constitutional framework that enslave us all will remain intact. If we go for the latter and we succeed, we immediately throw off once for all the yoke of enslavement which the British put on us for almost a century now at great costs in material and blood.History today thrusts on you the kind of responsibility that fell on the World Jewish Congress in the days before, during and after 1948 in respect of the oppressed and dispersed Jewish people.This Project is founded on the truth that the Nigeria war against Biafra did not end in 1970 like you all know. The battle fields merely shifted elsewhere. Nigeria continued its wicked aggression by confiscating the properties of the Igbo outside Igboland, sharing same out to their errand boys as ‘abandoned property’. The entire value of Biafran Pounds turned in for exchange got confiscated with a paltry 20 pounds given per bank account held pre-war. Indigenization program that was executed at a time and in circumstances that not only excluded Nd’Igbo, but actually used their seized monies and assets to buy out their stakes in several blue-chip companies whilst same assets and monies were funneled as loans to other Nigerians. Other policies which produced a complete decapitation of infrastructure in the former Biafra followed. The Oji River coal-fired power plant had to be shut down to stamp out electricity in Igboland except as given to them by Nigeria. A glass ceiling in civil service and political office advancement. A compromised security regime that combined violent robberies and kidnapping as a regular staple in Igboland. A complete desecration of the value system to the point where all of the known abominations in Igboland are now heavily rewarded and celebrated in Nigeria. The picture today is that of a desolate Igboland which only a lunatic of an investor will venture into. So bad it is that if Nigeria (police if you like) does not accompany you to Igboland, you will be lucky to return from a trip to the Igbo enclave without a major incident that will involve either a mortuary, a hospital or a painful ransom payment.

Those who may not know better would proclaim that our Governors, legislators and other custodians of public trust (funds) in the East are to blame. Yes they own a part of the blame but the main fountain from which the evil water floods Igboland is the prevailing Constitutional arrangements which emerged from a combination of British manipulations, the events of the war and the post-war decreed instruments which are now encoded in one volume called the ‘1999 Constitution of Nigeria’ the same way the apartheid Constitution enslaved the blacks of S/Africa in their very land.The Project was designed to run through 5 Phases. We, (LNC) have completed Phases 1-3 successfully. We got into Phase 4 on the 30th of June, 2011 by way of the LNC Declaration of that date and we are now being forced by Boko Haram and other aforementioned events into the concluding Phase 5, for which reason we deem it fit to table the matter before our people ,

Phase 1 was a Sovereign Conference of the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria organized by the Pro- National Conference Organizations (PRONACO) 2005-6 where the same questions that were tackled by Nigeria’s military leaders in Aburi (1967) were placed before the full house of the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria (164 Ethnic Delegations). The outcome was a complete revalidation of the Aburi Accord. Hosting the Plenary Sessions twice in Enugu, Ojukwu was key, along with Enahoro and Soyinka to enacting that Conference. TONY NNADI had the honour of being the Secretary of the Drafting Committee that produced the Draft Peoples’ Constitution that emanated from that Conference.

Phase 2 was an informal collegiate referendum on the outcome of that Conference in which the ethnic blocs in strategic formations, endorsed same as the minimum condition for remaining in the Nigerian Union. The aforementioned LNC Special Newsletter contains evidence of the said referendum and other materials further developments on the subject.

Phase 3. – Satisfied that a majority of the ethnic blocs were now on the side of dismantling the current unitary constitutional arrangements, LNC and their allies on the 23rd of May.2007, launched a fatal attack on the 1999 Constitution by filing a Suit in the Federal High Court, Abuja (and later Lagos Division), seeking the termination of the operation of the said 1999 Constitution on the ground that it is a forgery and a fraud in that it was made via Decree by one ‘Gen. Abudusalami Abubakar’ who lied in the preamble that ‘We the people of Nigeria….’ made and enacted same.

Phase 4 commenced with the June 30, 2011 LNC Declaration. A mass dissemination of information amongst our people at home and abroad with a view to securing their endorsement by way of a formal Referendum, conducted by ourselves and which shall be verifiable by any agencies of the international community including the UN, should the need arise. The same dissemination is going on in Yorubaland and the Middle-Belt for the same purpose of holding internal referenda in those spaces. (Find attached a copy of the Draft Referendum Form by LNC). This is where we seek a major role from our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora.

The 5th and final Phase will commence once a majority of our people have signed yes in the Referendum



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