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Biafra Freedom and the Quest for Igbo Independence

Since the last nineteen years, there has been a revival of the quest for the reestablishment of the defunct Republic of Biafra. Between 1967...

The Despicable Acts of a Greedy and Extortionist Igwe !!

Things have indeed fallen apart as Igweship and Kingship are now tools for self-aggrandizement and extortion of monies from desperate politicians and their cohorts...

Certificate Forgery: Ebonyi ruler seeks takeover of Chief Whip’s prosecution

ABAKALIKI—EBONYI Province Ruler applied to take over the trial of the Chief Whip of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Chike Imo Ogiji who...

Rain God visits Imo again with anger according to Vanguard News.

Not too long ago, a devastating torrential downpour swept across Imo State, destroying public and private buildings in the state. Rampaging flood took over all...

The map of new Biafra we want

The struggle for self-determination of the Biafran people will not end until they fully break away from Nigeria, a creation of British colonialists that...