The Nigerian government and it’s smart ways of clamping down and executing innocent Biafrans continued, investigation carried out revealed  that the Nigerian government has device a new means of exterminating the Biafrans. Their latest means is going around on different platforms of the social media announcing for what they call the Biafra security service recruitment. Thereby capturing the unsuspecting youths who ignorantly applies for the recruitment in the process and disappearing them completely.

According to family writer chibuzo who carried out the investigation the department of state services (DSS) with their secret agents have kidnapped and maimed hundreds of Biafran youths with the disguise of recruiting them. Recently the Nigerian government deployed about 800 released boko haram terrorists in Nigerian Police uniform to Biafra land.

Earlier in may BIA released intelligent report which accuses Nigeria government and security agents of kidnapping Biafra activist,  this shows that Muhammadu Buhari lead regime is  hell bent on exterminating the unconsumed citizen of Biafra who survived the genocide war, Many cases of missing youths have been reported tot he Biafra authority and international observers.

According to family writer investigations the work of the deployed military personnel in Biafra land is to kidnap and kill all the Igbo-Biafra responsible youths by every means possible.

Indigenous people of Biafra is warning all her citizens especially the youths to be careful of who they exchange information with.


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