Monday, 16 November 2015
By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers) Nnamdi Kanu

Dear Sahara reporters, I want to commend you immensely for standing on truth at least inevitable truth that Nnamdi Kanu has committed no crime and deserves to be immediately released conditionally or unconditionally, you accepted that freedom of speech is under threat by the Islamic republic of Nigeria. I also want to laugh at your obvious antagonistic reportage, I laugh because you are a mockery of journalism, I laugh because of the alleged 2.3 billion paid to you by Nigerian government to tarnish Image of Biafra and her sympathizers, I imagined what journalism has turned into in your hand and how you contradict yourself.

I could not remember when last lies surmounted a cause; I had suggested you become more tactical or economical with truth than entirely embracing falsehood. Your anger is obvious, Nnamdi Kanu reciprocates with equal proportion the hatred Nigeria has for Biafrans, I can understand that hatred is not a state crime even though it’s morally unhealthy, in respect with Nnamdi Kanu’s case, I see it as equity and respect, giving with equal measure one was given with. You hated Biafrans, we did not fight you or cursed you but we accepted your hatred and hated back as well. Sahara reporters, I will illustratively and substantially define hatred to you hence you are a product of corruption or rather you are infected with the immeasurable corruption in Nigeria.

Hatred is the deportation of Biafrans from Lagos Nigeria which reflects total rejection or hatred. Hatred is intimidating Biafrans with royal vow to throw them into the lagoon if they don’t be your slaves. Hatred is singling out Biafrans as targets or victims of Boko haram attack in the North that is not reported on daily basis by Nigerian newspapers. Hatred is until date Northernization which was instilled by Sardauna of Sokoto never to give Biafrans job. Hatred is calling for our leader’s head for trying to liberate us from your hatred with no guns but truth.

Should I continue listing illustrative hatred the pages of my leaflet will not contain any other thing. Before I forget, Sahara reporters, you reported “IPOB protest turned violent in Aba” but Nigerian ACP was warning violent traders protesting in Aba and demanding the resignation of Gov Ikpeazu which quite contradicted your report and gives credence to your vicious attack on truth. Sahara reporters, one of your certified journalist was caught inciting Hausa/Fulani against Biafrans ; acting on your scripts but you felt it would affect the credibility of your firm hence he has been caught, you acted by floating the news as well. Sahara reporters, just as you are pained that Buhari is being insulted by Nnamdi Kanu and labeled truth hate speech, you have quickly insulted Nnamdi Kanu with childish name as “watermelon head”. Hahahaha pardon my laughter, your dimension of journalism is quite laughable and just as Nigeria arrested Nnamdi Kanu, and maybe you deserve to be arrested by Biafra for insult. I will love to suggest here, it’s better to watch BBC and follow her antagonistic strategy, they turn blind eyes to news concerning Biafra and when obsessed they float it truthfully once in a while. Finally, i have researched and can confirm that you lack maturity and fairness, journalism is not a tool in the hands of the government of the day or about choosing sides subject to emotion.

Journalism is about fair judgment and sincerity, journalism is a tool that works the dream and aspirations of the masses, you saw millions of Biafrans that came out demanding for their freedom, you saw the level of discipline and law-abiding nature of the peaceful protester. Sahara reporters, if truth as it is, without massaging is hate a speech, then there is need to assess the impact of that hate speech, had Hausa/Fulani and Yorubas complained of terror attack? If hate speech impacts law-abiding spirit, hardwork, consistency, determination, and discipline please we need hate speeches from the corrupt leaders of Nigeria and even the editor or CEO of Sahara Reporters to discipline her journalists, you need more leaders like Nnamdi Kanu in your country Nigeria and Africa as a whole to help instill law-abiding spirit and discipline in Africans and Nigeria like Nnamdi Kanu has done with Biafrans. Mind you that, it is “Biafra or death.



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