By Uchenna Onyema

My reaction to imo state secretary of state reaction to indigenous people of Biafra protest at Okorocha  UK visit : He is a puppet serving the interest of his hausa and yoruba colonial masters, Sometimes I wonder what else needs to be done to our people  for them to rise up and chase these bastard governors out of office and out of Biafra land.

Governors who have no business investment that is sustainable in the state which they govern, but instead they have businesses all over the world with the money stolen from their state, they come abroad when they have malaria, their families study abroad from the President to the local government chairman. Just imagine David Cameron going abroad for medical and his children studying outside the UK.

Shame to all you people who cheer them on because you want a crumb that will hopefully fall off their dinner table.

Shame on you cowardly, stupid and ignorant fools who support those who stole your destiny, your children and your grand children will spit on graves for your cowardly nature.

Our Ancestors who resisted and fought against colonisation by the European invaders and human traffickers must be so disgusted by the level of cowardice and ashamed by the lack of common sense and dignity of this present generation.

We have become a generation of beggars, begging our oppressors to save us.

People like Okorocha should be chased out of our land and banished since our culture does not support death sentence.


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