Meet Grace Dare now Khadijah, a 22-year-old Nigerian woman who emigrated to the United Kingdom as a child.

She converted to Islam in college and became radicalised after she started attending Lewisham Islamic Centre mosque.

She is married to a popular Swedish terrorist Abu Bakr who is believed to have died.

Khadijah widowed at age 22 now living in Syria regularly posts violent threats on Twitter . She hopes to become the first woman to behead a westerner in the name of Allah.
Her heartbroken mother, Victoria Dare recently took to BBC to lament how her devout Christian daughter has been radicalised after converting to Islam.

Hear what Victoria said in a recent BBC documentary:

‘She had a Bible, she read the Bible. She would sit there and pray and pray and pray.”When she became Muslim, I would get these phone calls saying, “Can I speak to Khadijah?” I said to her, what’s that about?. She says, “Oh, that’s my name”. It was only the mosque people who called her Khadijah. I don’t call her that.’

She is accused of trying to encourage other women to travel to Syria to join ISIS.


  1. You call her Victoria but( Khadijah) In Islam?.and killing or slaughtering people in the name of Allah. Then we can confidently ask this question,” Is Allah the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?. If Victoria got converted to Islam because she want to kill people, the question is, What did the Koran say in sura. 47. vrse.4 & 7 say?. Here Muslims are commanded by Allah in this verse, to behead or kill, any one who does not accept the teachings of Islam. and according to the verse, they will be helping Allah by so doing. Now in the Bible, the book of Exodus Chpt. 20 vrse.13 say, you shall not kill anybody, and when Jesus came into the world, He said in the book of 1st.John Cpt.3 vrse. 15 said that” Whoever hates his or her own brother, is a murderer, and you know no murderer has eternal life in the kingdom of His Father. So what has Victoria or Khadijah got to do in order to accomplish the mission of the devil?. She has to convert to Islam, where killing is for a blessing. And that is what she did, so why are you people surprised of her conversion before the killing of humanbeing? That is the only religion where you can kill and go to paradise of Allah. So she is right. But Jesus has told His followers, that you should not be surprised when they start to kill you in your churches. See John. Chpt. 16.vrse 1 to 9. I don’t know why you are being surprise because of Victoria’s conversion to Islam in order to kill in good Faith. M.G. Yakubu

  2. Or Islam is not an oppressive Religion, but a religion of only Killing, maiming, slaughtering,burning,and slaughtering people only Khadijah, so go ahead my dear don’t worry. If AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI of Iran, can say ” The purest Joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah.why do you think Islam is an oppressive religion dear? Go ahead to behead the westerners. Since Allah will will give you paradise. But with Jesus if you kill you are going to Hell for sure. M.G. Yakubu.


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