As indicated by insights , there are right now 10,000 to 20,000 Nigerian sexworkers in Italy. Nigeria, Africa and France have a considerable measure of foreigners that went  to work in Italy.

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At to begin with, they simply do cultivating exercises in some tomato ranch land , in any case, when the homestead was shutdown in order for them to survive, they need to begin profiting in different ways ,, for example, transport drugs or to give sexual administrations . Be that as it may, salary sexworkers are still negligible, some of the time just 10 euros just. Numerous sexworkers from Nigeria have decided to work in the timberland, they will put a sleeping pad in the woodland, and to give sexual administrations on it.

In this side of Italy created European nations , they utilize their own specific manner to search for an exit plan .

Picture taker Paolo Patrizi they utilize their own cams , recording a few Nigerian sexworkers in the backwoods .


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