In Nigeria, Biafran independence movement denies being behind a massacre of civilians in a south-eastern forest of the country, in Abia State. The Nigerian authorities accuse Ipob of killing five people whose bodies were dumped in a mass grave where 55 bodies were found.

The mystery surrounds a mass grave that Nigerian intelligence services just found in the forest Umuanyi.

The 55 bodies buried in a hurry, do not have all been identified except for five people, authorities said, were abducted and executed by the independence movement Ipob.

” Nonsense ,” replies the native people of Biafra in a statement.

” They kill us and now they claim that it is we who are killing Peul! Why ? How? With what weapons? The president Buhari is seeking the world! He asks ammunition, he asks weapons, just to kill the Biafran.
Who provides us weapons? No one ! No country comes to our rescue! We are demonstrating peacefully. We tweet. Our only weapons are Twitter and Radio Biafra. Since they have arrested the director Nnamdi Kanu, they looked for evidence, they sought anything to discredit the Ipob. There is no proof! And that’s why they make them from scratch , “says, RFI, Emma Nmezu, a spokesman Ipob in exile.

The director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, continued in the High Court for having promoted the ” secession ” with the intention of ” waging war against ” Nigeria. His arrest in October, caused a wave of protests, some violent repression. The authorities accused him of fan the flames of ” ethnic terrorism ” almost 50 years after the Biafran war and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

These charges allow the Prime Minister of Biafran government in exile Emmanuel Enekwechi extremely skeptical. It shows that the various components of the independence movement, including Ipob, must adhere to the principle of non-violence.

” The people of Biafra does not want the dissolution of Nigeria. We just want the opportunity to express ourselves in a referendum on our future. Say whether or not we want to continue to be a component of Nigeria , “he said, RFI, in a telephone interview from the United States.



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