The founder of DPA Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire has joined thousand of legal practitioners calling for the resignation of Mohammadu Buhari the dictator of Nigeria, Bar Emeka human rights advocate made his position known via social media post.

Due process is is a bundle of rights that form the foundation upon which our society ought to be built. It is the right to be governed in accordance with the rule of law and having equal protection under the law. Due process is the opposite of dictatorship. It requires that both rulers and the ruled be governed under the same law and procedures.

Today, all over the country, there is abundant evidence that people suffer the absence of due process. Nigeria still have different legal systems in the world for different people. The rich have their own justice system, which is kind, gentle and forgiving, while the poor have an entirely different system of justice, which is cruel, harsh and brutish.

The Due Process Advocates, (DPA) is a gap bridge according to the founder, bring all people under a uniform system of law. When the news broke out about DSS kidnapping of judges it’s important that we get their perspective and here is what Barrister Emeka had to say.

“The use of DSS to arrest carry out indiscriminate abduction of judges in the middle of the night in a commando style amounts to a coup d’etat. His government has actually attempted to overthrow the constitution. Coup is the overthrownment of either the entire arms of the government or one or some of the arms of government. For instance, Nigerian military coups involved the overthrow of the Executive and Legislative arms. What is happening now amounts to overthrow of the Judicial arm of government. Either way, it is a coup.

Also, from history, we have had a case where an elected government executes a coup on own country. That is why the best description of coup is either a partial or total suspension of the constitution. We have been witnessing partial suspension of the constitution under this government.

What happened today with the arrest of these judges is an insurmountable evil. If I were President Buhari’s adviser, I will advise him to resign to save Nigeria.


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