You are all confused hypocrites. You want Biafra. You want Biaexit. You want a referendum. You shout against marginalisation, criticise quota system and federal character.

You want true federalism. You want restructuring. You want resource control. You want to end Fulani herdsmen killings. You want an end to northern domination of policies in Nigeria.

You want all these yet you are voting for APC and PDP against APGA. What type of confused deranged voter are you?

In these parties you will never be majority. In these parties none of the candidates will devote to your aspirations. None shares in your ideology. None will support your aim for presidency yet you vote for them.

On what basis are you voting for people who clearly do not identify with your ideals? I mean what is your problem.

Please lets start thinking outside the box. Vote in a foolish APGA candidate to send a message to wise Peter Obis and Ekweremadus that unless you identify with us you are not politically relevant.

Votes for PDP and APC are votes against referendum. Votes for PDP and APC candidates are votes against #Biaexit. Vote for PDP and APC candidates you vote against your dreams of Biafra restoration.

I mean how could you? In PDP and APC northern interest is paramount and prominence. Both parties will never support your mission. Why vote for them?

Let us be majority in our minority party. Votes against pdp and APC candidates will facilitate the coming of Biafra.

by Uche


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