To avoid this type of loss of lives in the future, groups agitating for Biafra should have some introspective soul-searching. Calling for Biafra within the sovereign nation of Nigeria is very likely to lead to cataclysmic consequences such as this one. Lining up behind a Biafran flag or insignia might be construed by Nigeria as unilateral declaration of war. Do the Biafran groups have a means of defending themselves, or are they prepared to defend themselves? It is too risky and foolhardy for a few people to be pushing for Biafra knowing that the authorities will read their action as a decision okayed by Ndi Igbo. That could be very dangerous for Ndi Igbo. “Please”, is what I’m saying, lets work for disintigration of Nigeria first. If Nigeria breaks up, Ndi Igbo can call their own geographical landscape what they want.

If IPOB is truly all about Biafra, then let’s have all components of this geopolitical entity represented in it. In order words, IPOB must endeavor first to show that it has a regional base in its following as well as its operational agenda. If it is instead a pan-Igbo nationalist outfit, it should so declare and of course, change its name accordingly.

It must be emphasized that there is an alternative means for achieving Uhuru for the Igbo cause outside the ambit of wearing the label of “Biafra” on our foreheads at all times. A pan-Igbo organization, Aladinma, has done just that. Aladinma has established a regional and national alliance for Igbo self-determination quest through organizational and operational alignment with the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and the Movement for New Nigeria, respectively. The said self-determination activist political alignment enjoys robust participation by ethnic minorities of the former Eastern and Midwestern Regions in the South as well as hundreds of indigenous populations who inhabit the 1stRepublic’s Middle Belt in the former North. The Referendum has been adopted as the key tool for achieving self-determination for the peoples of the Lower Niger of which Biafra is part. Tactics being deployed by Aladinma, such as the Referendum for example, augurs well for Ndiigbo because it is grassroots-oriented, non-confrontational and clearly unstoppable by the superordinate Nigerian security apparatus.

“Ezekwe” and Eugene, your concerns are well noted on this matter. But no one should underestimate the self-determination tsunami wave which is currently sweeping through ground zero, as we speak. Some people wish to ride this wave by mere issuance of “tough talk” for the attainment of objectives that appear spurious at best. But the Aladinma/LNC/MNN alignment has put another alternative on the table. Lower Niger Referendum on self-determination is already scheduled for the 1st Quarter of 2017. Know more about this and support it as the utilitarian means for attaining self-determination for our people without undue exposure of our youths to the deadly weaponry of those who revel in the perpetual intimidation and enslavement of the indigenous inhabitants of our neck of the woods.


  1. My brother to me what you have just done here is saying a good thing at the wrong time. And this is more reason why i detest some of we igbos, blaming theirselves….i guess what you should have stick ur statement on is why did nigerian govt shoot unarmed biafrans in their homeland instead of apportioning blame to one group or the other. And this is more reason why many people think we are not united . To me people like u shouldnt be representing biafra at all. We should first of all deal with the issue on ground be blaming one group or the other. And for ur information, millions of us are in support of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu. I reside here in swiss waiting for a time when there will be face of between us Biafrans and Nigeria and a lot of us here are waiting for same thing and i know that when the time comes according to ur statement here u might start to blame ur own people for standing up even at the risk of their life then start to combat Nigerian police and navy for killing us extrajudiciary……wake up and stop blaming ur people for demanding for their freedom……


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