Looking at this MAP (BELOW) each one of us agrees that this is the map of the region we all are talking about (correct)

Point 2 – Everyone believes that the best system to run this region as a nation is FEDERALISM where each ethic nationality has the right to call themselves their own name. (correct)
Point 3 – The names involved in this region according to the map as agreed by people are.
1) EDO : wishes to come into the Union with the name………..
2) IBO : Wishes to come into the Union with the name ………
3) IBIBO : Wishes to come into the Union with the name ………
4) IJAW : Wishes to come into the Union with the name……….
5) JEKRI-URHOBO : Wishes to come into the Union name…….
Point 4 – The name Lower Niger did not appear on the map as an ethnic nationality, therefore should not be regarded as an overlap to any one of these ethnic nationalities, but an umbrella covering all ethnic nationalities involved in this union. (correct).
Point 5 – Since according to all unites and agitation movements from all these ethnic nationalities, point 2 ( FEDERALISM ) is the best way of our governance, it then becomes understandable and imperative that not one of the names or their wish name of coming into the Union should be used as the name to run a REFERENDUM covering the whole region. unless such name or ethnic nationality wishes to become the detector, imposer or impostor to the general union, in other word leading the nation to the unhealthy marriage and nightmare we live in Nigeria today. (correct).
Please let us find place in our hearts to allow peace become our ways of understanding as we look forward to having a peaceful and all inclusive UNION / COUNTRY.
Lower Niger seen here as A MAP stands as an umbrella and only justified name to go for our REFERENDUM.


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