Obama’s JV team — will he laugh, shrug, tee-off or do a shout-out (like he did after Fort Hood jihad massacre) when the JV bill comes due? Remember, the Islamic State did not exist before Obama came into office. Their rise is a direct result of American’s fall under Obama’s incoherent, weak and catastrophic foreign policy. Not only did they rise, but many of their victories were won with American weaponry. That is truly Obama’s legacy. That and the ensuing nuclear arms race that he has orchestrated (at a time when the Middle East is melting down).

Does anyone really believe that this will be contained to just the Middle East? Is that why we are arresting Muslims in the US, Canada, UK, Europe on an almost daily basis for jihad-related activity?

“The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.” (Ayn Rand).

On April 10, 2015, Islamic State (ISIS) fighters and supporters launched an anti-U.S. media campaign on Twitter. Promoted by Hashtags like #WeWillBurnUSAgain, the campaign was launched in tandem with several promotional videos that threatened to burn the U.S.

One such video[1] threatened attacks against the U.S., while noting that its geographical location will not stop attacks against it. “America thinks it’s safe because of its geographical location… and it thinks that the armies of jihad won’t reach it. But the American dream of safety have become a mirage, [for] today, there is no safety to any American on the globe,” it noted.

Praising the September 11 attacks and their impact on the U.S., the video threatened that fear will return to spread among Americans. It also threatened that “today, it’s time for retribution.” The video also noted ISIS’s military capabilities, while noting that with such capabilities, “they can burn America once again.

The video features segments from previously released ISIS propaganda videos, including some of the beheadings carried out by “Jihadi John,” as well as attacks committed in the West in support of ISIS. It also praises cyberattacks that were carried out in support of ISIS. -A South African ISIS fighter of Indian descent named Abu Hurayra Al-Hindi appears to be spearheading the campaign in English. His initial tweet reads, “Twitter Storm #WeWillBurnUSAgain #IS Video release.” His tweet also links to a pro-ISIS forum where he created a thread to promote the video.


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