Thousands of Ijaw Youths under the auspices of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Worldwide met on Sunday, the 5th of April, 2015 at Tuomo Community, Delta State to review the outcome of the March 28, 2015 Presidential election and the way forward. The meeting had in attendance founding fathers of the IYC, past and current leaders of the IYC, various Ijaw Communities in Nigeria including representatives of the IYC chapters in Abuja, Lagos, Europe, America, South Africa and Ghana.
The meeting extensively deliberated on the outcome of the March 28, 2015 Presidential election and its implications on the continued survival of the Nigerian State. Congress observed as follows THAT:
1. The outcome of the presidential election has further polarized the Nigerian state into regional and ethnic lines, hence there is nothing to celebrate in the victory;
2. We note with sadness the deliberate efforts by the core north and a section of the south west to frustrate the administration of President Jonathan and force him out of power through false media propaganda and insurgency in the north in connivance with some foreign countries who displayed obvious bias during the electoral process
3. Congress notes the goodwill and felicitations of President Jonathan and Nigerians in general towards General Buhari on his victory, but note with sadness that General Buhari refused to congratulate the victors in 2003, 2007, and 2011 when he contested and failed. This act of statesmanship by President Jonathan shows the level of patriotism of Niger-Deltans towards the survival and unity of Nigeria;
4. The events leading to the elections clearly show that the electoral process was deliberately planned to rig out President Jonathan from the onset;

5. The desperate scheming by the core north and South western part of the country to take back power is to enable them have access to the oil resources of the Niger-Delta;
6. We note with satisfaction the achievements of President Jonathan in his years in office despite the fact that he worked in the most difficult environment. Congress observed that President Jonathan carried out a lot of reforms and achieved great feats in the areas of Agriculture, power, transportation, electoral process, economy, oil and gas sector, maritime sector, peace and security in the Niger-Delta etc. Nigerians would soon derive maximum benefit from achievements of President Jonathan in the power sector;
7. President Jonathan’s extra- ordinary peace building effort ensured and is responsible for the existing peace in the Niger-Delta region and for the resultant increase in oil production and increase revenue.
Consequently, the IYC Congress after exhaustive deliberation resolved as follows THAT;
1. Ijaw and Niger-Delta youths should be calm, peaceful and maintain the existing peace in the NIGER-Delta region:
2. Congress expressed profound appreciation to Nigerians especially the people of the south-east who supported president Jonathan in the elections;
3. The Ijaw Nation, satisfied with the performance and conduct of President Jonathan in the office would warmly welcome him back home from the national service;
4. The president Amnesty programme for the Ex-Agitators in the Niger-Delta region which has greatly contribute to the sustenance of peace in the Niger Delta region be sustained by the incoming administration to maintain peace in the region;
5. The Existing federal structure set up to develop the Niger-Delta region such as the Niger Delta Development Commission –NDDC, Niger Delta Ministry and other schemes should be strengthened and properly funded to rapidly develop the region by the incoming administration; address problems of environmental degradation in the Niger Delta region including implementation of the UNEP report on Ogoni and general environmental remediation in other parts of the region which are affected by environment degradation;
6. The recommendations of the National Confab should be implemented by the incoming government to deepen our federal system of government where the federating units would develop at their own pace. This would address some of the imbalances responsible for political instability in Nigeria and the desperation to control government at the centre and
7. Congress called on the incoming federal government to start the process of national integration and run an all-inclusive government to address the polarization and disunity arising from the outcome of the presidential elections.


  1. Well, they are waking up, but not yet serious to be taken serious.
    they must make up their mind what they want, whether to control resources or have their self-determination.
    They are Ijaw ‘nation’ and will be welcoming their Jonathan back from ‘national’ service. Can you have a nation within a nation?


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