While you do that, I must state that in 1914 the various nationalities in what is called Nigeria today were under occupation of the British, and would never have thought of being part of a nation called Nigeria –if they were free to act on their own on any initiative or suggestion of joining Nigeria. Essentially, the various peoples in today’s Nigeria were under British guns to fall in line to form Nigeria. That is a world of difference and that is a fact.

Moving ahead, South West zone has no meaningful, viable resources to sustain Lagos and the entire zone, the moment the SESS broad zone exits Nigeria –unless they join the SESS to leave and revive the old Southern Nigeria on a broad mandate of the various peoples of geographical southern part of Nigeria. We know there problem and why it is making them a shameless political prostitute.

They have also written and quoted baseless theories on the seemingly insurmountable odds of leaving Nigeria. However, the paramount factors that hold the key in a Referendum of leaving Nigeria are the education of the people and the will of the people.

The education of the people about the necessity to get out of Nigeria is already underway. It is the very first step and doesn’t require the amount of money you may have in mind. It is fed by the realities of today’s Nigeria and intelligent and unconventional independent writers and broadcasters you cannot control.

It is also this education that will contribute in shaping the decisive will of the people to pursue that Referendum. Once those 2 things are in place –and they will be– your Nigerian senate will be overtaken by events and will have no meaningful choice but to GET OUT OF THE WAY with its 2/3rds majority. There are several ways to skin a cat.

Once the SESS realizes the importance of exiting Nigeria, even a SESS widow might donate her last One Naira to fund the Referendum. So, money will NEVER stand in the way of a quest for people who have been suffering all manner of injustice since 1967.

The SESS can also refuse to take part in the upcoming Census and 2019 elections, if the rest of Nigeria tries to railroad us again. I’m sure you know the consequences of those lines of action –both locally and internationally, as Nigeria will begin to remind many people and nations of apartheid South Africa. Eventually, that Referendum cannot be avoided and must be embraced. Buhari will also receive plaudits for being an unwitting fan of Biafra/Lower Niger.

So long,


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