Has Northern Nigeria ran out of 13 year olds to molest and impregnate?

Are there no 13 year olds in Northern Nigeria for the paedophiles to rape? Have they ran out of kids to marry off to 50 year old men? Have they started coming South to get their 72 virgins which they must now enjoy on this earth and no longer in aljanah? Terrible times for Southerners then!

It is their culture. Paedophilia is a culture in Northern Nigeria. I met a woman, a very bitter woman during my stay up there. She recounted to me how she was married off at 9 years, and the sexual molestatiin started right away. The forty-something year old man she was married to, tied her legs and hands, spread wide apart, to the wooden posts of their bed and repeatedly had her. A nine year old. When she was untied and she found some strength, she ran home to her mother. But her mother did not let her spend the night. She took her back to her molester. The girl never forgave nor got to love the man, and her mother, and everyone else. She nursed her hurt to bitterness.

And this is what they are bringing south.

If they still have little girls among them, I won’t begrudge them their culture. They will fight to keep it.

But the people of the South who choose the let this girls get ripe for marriage have every right to keep their own culture too. The North must look to the North for their child brides, and leave the south alone. This longer throat for baby brides must be resisted.

Whoever got Ese pregnant must be prosecuted. Do we still have men of the wig in the South. This is the time to show their learning. A DNA test should be carried out to determine who actually took advantage of Ese, who she was abducted for. And this case should be brought to a conclusive end.


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