Four medical doctors have been kidnapped in Rivers State. Their abduction have created fears and provokedthe anger oftheir colleaguesas they have threatened to embark on warning strike, unless they are released.

The four doctors were abducted withinsix days,the worst hit areas are Abonnema axisof Port Harcourt.

Two of the victims are Wordu Ovunda and Samuel Okpara. Dr Ovunda had been in the den of the kidnappers for some days, and as the doctors were making efforts for his release and threatening to embark on a warning strike, the kidnappers struck again on Wednesday night, abducting Dr Okpara from his hospital.

However, the angry doctors took their protest to Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who later had a closed-door meeting with them. Biafra 24 gathered that at the meeting, they expressed concern over the way and manner doctors were being kidnapped. They also appealed to the security agencies, through the governor, to protect, not only the medical doctors, but the citizens living in the state.

The governor, who listened to their complaints, however, directed the security agents, especially the security chiefs, who were also present at the meeting, to ensure the security of citizens of the state.


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