Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has promised not to relent in his pursuit of accelerated socio-economic and infrastructural development of Awgu local government area as the headquarters of Enugu West senatorial district. Addressing the people of Biafra in Awgu during a campaign tour of the area recently, Ekweremadu stated that development in Awgu must be fast-tracked in order to bring it at par with Enugu and Nsukka, which are also the senatorial headquarters of Enugu East and Enugu North senatorial districts of the state.

What is this brother going on about ? we are asking you  maazi Ekweremadu, Do you have infrastructure available at all in Enugu? the answer is no, this bunch of political criminals from left to right, selling out the people future to hausa Fulani in the name of nigeria politics.

This week we would proving this to all Biafrans, we will flood Biafra land with journalist, all equipped with cameras able to feed live footages back to us here in Europe live.

How ridiculous this petty criminals who has done nothing for the people of Biafra continue to brag about what they will do if given another mandate, please my people intelligent folks read what this man had to say

“Our belief is that Awgu is a very strategic community” So we ask him once more what part of Biafra land is not strategic or this another political fraud to keep us  blind and carved.

This hausa fulani inspired criminal who has been in public office for years without achieving a single goal, i repeat this man has been in office for the past eleven years,  Maazi Ike Ekweremadu let me ask you this as we all know you ar legal practitioners lawyer, an educated man but does not know the different between infrastructure and basic economy.

Why is agwu without power since 1990 to date? why is Mmaku, Mbgo a very good and one of the most attractive resort in enugu without communication roots ? you talk of development which city in the world have you heard of being developed without electricity ? or sewage system?

Why is the majority of people from Achi to Agwu Nri suffering from pneumoconiosis ? for those who do not know what this is i will explain.

The term ‘pneumoconiosis’ refers to a group of lung diseases caused by the inhalation of dust  – and retention in the lungs – of dusts. The most commonly occurring types of pneumoconiosis , this disease is common in Agwu to oji river, matter of facts most of enugu  districts and wards have huge number of patiences suffering from this inhalation of coal dust, silicosis, arising from the inhalation of respirable crystalline silica (RCS). There is a long delay – up to ten years or more – between exposure and onset of disease, this simply means that most people do not know they have it until its too late, this is due to lack of good governance in Biafra land and  most new cases or deaths from pneumoconiosis reflect the long time inhaling of dust from polluted environment, and due to poor road networks and no hospitals 95 % of those who suffer this die in Enugu.

So we are asking this man called Ike Ekweremadu boosting with his ridiculous fraudulent deceits what has he done to for the community he claim to represent?


We the people of Biafra expected  Awgu to be as developed as Brooklyn  and Knightsbridge,  So we are going to demand that they leave Biafra land or do what is right of the people.

The Deputy Senate President, who is also the Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, while thanking the people he has defrauded of their economic social right over the years, noted that all the numerous projects mentioned in the areas truly deserve an attention.

We are asking the people of Biafra to stone the criminal when next he shows up campaigning for further suffering of the masses. his nothing but a criminal stealing in your name.


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