The horrendous mess in which our folks are entrapped today as a people requires extraordinary effort in order to extricate ourselves from it, even in the best of times. So, the first order of business is to begin to think outside the box. Focusing all our thinking faculties on the artificially imposed constraints of the moment can only be self-defeatist, if you ask me. The fact is that the status quo is completely unacceptable and has become increasingly intolerable. Something, therefore, has to give. We must, first and foremost, resolve to break away from the psychological barrier which has, since the Civil War, made our folks to grossly underestimate our capabilities viz a viz the supposed overwhelming odds impeding our path to self-redemption through self-actualization. Perhaps, this refocusing of our mindset shall lift the veil which is currently obscuring our full vision thereby preventing us from holistically visualizing the opportunities that await us just beyond the bend in the road. Another way to look at things is to begin to appreciate the fact that the global political climate has transformed significantly since the dog days of the Civil War. Our shared future cannot be sacrificed perpetually on the altar of our past collective experiences, no matter who may have been at fault. As a legal practitioner, I believe that the full significance of the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is not lost on you. This declaration expedited South Sudan’s freedom as an independent nation; a goal which was impossible during the preceding decades of murderous war with Khartoum.

Just like you astutely observed the inclinations of ethnic nationalities of the Middle Belt to look for seeking future alliances with their Southern neighbors, the many ethnic minority groups in the former Mid-West and Eastern Regions have become completely disillusioned by the contrived alliance of convenience between them and the Sharia North since aftermath of the Civil War. If you ask around, you shall be pleasantly surprised that the ethnic minorities of the Southsouth geopolitical zone have uniformly accepted the configuration of the emergent Lower Niger Federation as the surest conduit for assuring their autonomy and self-determination than the ongoing exploitation being inflicted on their land and God-given resources by the status quo. It may also interest you to know that the President of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), Mr. Fred Agbeyegbe, hails from the Itsekiri ethnic nationality. The Lower Niger Federation charter is quite explicit on the autonomy and equality of all the federating nationalities, irrespective of their population or territorial size. These issues matter more, going forward, than the over-bloated trumped-up animosity is supposedly existing between the Igbo and their immediate neighbors to the south and west.


Have no fear about the Referendum, my brother. The feedback, thus far, has shown its widespread acceptability at the grassroots level throughout the Lower Niger territory, Alaigbo inclusive. If you have any doubt, I invite you conduct your own independent survey. Even some leading pro-Biafra groups are now beginning to coalesce their organizational and operational efforts with the Lower Niger Movement. Let the people speak through the Referendum by a YES/NO vote. It is as simple as that. Whatever the outcome, all inhabitants of Nigeria’s geopolitical space shall be better off for it.


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