URUMQI – In another crackdown on religious freedoms, China has forced the imams of eastern Muslim majority district of Xinjiang to dance in the street, and swear to an oath that they will not teach religion to children as well telling them that prayer is harmful to the soul.

During the incident, reported by World Bulletin on Monday, February 9, Muslim imams were forced to brandish the slogan that “our income comes from the CKP not from Allah”.

State Chinese news said the imams were gathering in a square in the name of civilization where they were forced to dance and chant out slogans in support of the state.

They also gave speeches telling youth to stay away from mosques, and that the prayer was harmful to their health, encouraging them to dance instead.The slogans included statements glorifying the state over religion such as ‘peace of the country gives peace to the soul’.

Female teachers were instructed to teach children to stay away from religious education and made to swear an oath that they will keep children away from religion.

Uighur Muslims are a Turkish-speaking minority of eight million in the northwestern Xinjiang region.

Xinjiang, which activists call East Turkestan, has been autonomous since 1955 but continues to be the subject of massive security crackdowns by Chinese authorities.

Rights groups accuse Chinese authorities of religious repression against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang in the name of counte.


  1. REPLY TO CHAINA’s URUMQI- RELIGIOUS CRACK-DOWN?To be sincere, I fully support that crack-down on Islamists in Chaina.Because it is amazing that many people in the world,have the illusion that Muslims or Islam is a peaceful Religion. Nothing in this world can be more miscalculating to think that Islam is a peaceful Religion. People with such opinion ,I am sure that they do not understand what peace means.in Islam..Here we see a zealous man of Allah, (IMAM AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI ) of the Islamic Republic of Iran himself,, saying to his fellow Muslims that, ” the Purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah?”, So Chaina does not need to wait for Muslims or Islam to stiffen them and make their Nation ungovernable, as the muslims have done in many parts of the world, especially because of the hypocrisy of their human rights and freedom of speech. So I strongly support Chaina right now, and as a matter of urgency to stop these people becoming a cancer in their country before they take step when it is too late.. Thanks.


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