In spite of the looting, the waste and, the lingering hemorrhage that have characterized this, otherwise rich polity, latest stats suggest we have hit, by statistical rebasing, the 20th largest GDP in 2014, abstracting, for the moment, from the horrendous income distribution profile! The current projection: by 2050, Nigeria will be 3rd in population size behind India and China. .and no 9 in GDP size!

The implications of these not necessarily cast-in-stone projections, surely demand that we try an alternative “struggles” scenario for our people!

We should first seek better understanding between our Igbo communities, wherever they may be , in Alaigbo proper, in the rest of the country, and in the spread throughout the Diaspora. Secondly, we should assiduously build our people back into their rightful place in the political and economic structure, to play their rightful leading and followership roles to attain the potential implicit in this scenario that the experts have envisaged for the nation, almost in spite of our penchant for divisive politics! ………

……… In short, there is much decent work, broken bridges, nation building and other uplifting pursuits in a vibrant development agenda ahead of us. We should quit these spirit-sapping sideline hecklings, and join the wholesome crusade to try, once more, to build a nation! So much for the slogans. . .boko haram, jihadist, nde ugwu, nde ofe nmanu, nde mong, etc etc!

The starting point is rebuilding Alaigbo, not in presuming to be clubbing up with the SS or other regions without their prior consent! We should join the struggle to wrest our huge patrimony from the brigands in the last and previous administrations. We should be humble enough to reflect on our bizarre mistakes and learn, for the sake of avoiding such errors in the future! No bravado posturing can re write the political errors of our recent past. .rather we should boldly put all these behind us! And rebuild for posterity!”


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