Babatunde Raji Fashola, the Lagos State Governor has joined in the song and dance that has come to be associated with the All Progressives Congress, APC and the President-elect post election; telling Nigerians that they should not expect miracles from Buhari and his Vice President-elect, Yemi Osinbanjo.

Fashola made the statement while delivering a lecture titled, “The Nigerian Agreement” at the Yoruba Tennis Club’s annual business luncheon and lecture in Lagos over the weekend, urging Nigerians to set an agenda of good governance, agreeing on what must be done to enable the new administration deliver on its electoral promises.

He said unless such an agenda was set by Nigerians in the light of the electoral promises to tackle insecurity and corruption in the economy, there would not be much that the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate, Yemi Osinbajo, could achieve in a nation of 170 million people.

“I think, as a people, we must set for ourselves an agenda, because we have voted for mere mortals like ourselves. They are not magicians, they are not miracle workers. This, for me, is the heart of the matter.”

Other areas he said Nigerians must agree on include voluntary compliance with law and order, the definition of education on the basis of their desire to have free education, as well as the national policy on housing based on whether every Nigerian must own a home irrespective of whether or not he or she has an income.

He also said the position of income earning Nigerians on tax payment should be clarified, and that it is important to agree on this because some people made it an electoral campaign issue, insisting that citizens would not pay tax if they won election.

“So, what is the Nigerian position on taxes? Should people pay tax? Have we reached an agreement that everybody who earns an income must pay tax? Because some people still don’t belief that people should pay tax.”

Noting that representative democracy is anchored on tax, the out-going Governor said once an agreement was reached on the issues affecting governance, including the role of the Government, it then becomes a social contract for which Nigerians would now hold their elected representatives accountable.

Fashola’s statement on the ‘miraculous expectations’ of Nigerians from the incoming administration has joined the string of subtle disclaimers being handed out by the party and the President elect himself, all doing an about- face to say that the country is not easy to govern.

On Sunday, at a press briefing in Yola, the Kano State Governor-elect Umar Ganduje also ‘urged’ that Buhari be given time as the change they promised will take a while


  1. I entirely agree with Governor Babatunde, R. Fashola,of Lagos State. That Unless the president-Elect & the vice president-Elect Muhammadu Buhari,& Yemi Osinbanjo, tackle the major problem of Insecurity, Financial misappropriation, and the biggest of all Corruption. Nigerians should therefore not expect any miracle of Change from Muhammadu Buhari & his Vice president- Elect That much of it ,is apparent.. Although Nigerians may set an Agenda for good Governance as the Governor said,,but no amount of Agenda,that can work,where there is Insecurity and Corruption is endemic or legalized in any country..
    Though it may be time for Nigerians to have a descent Government, APC & his Administration,can not make the mistake of talking for any project,such as reasonable Solutions for Economic growth yet, Not like that of Jonathan Goodl Luck’s fake Economic Growth of 7% GDP, without even an increase of 1% Employment or workers salary not being paid,.Which are very easy to be seen by many in his Administration, but also very difficult and hard to be seen by the Nigerians. So yes,I entirely agree with the Governor of Lagos State. M.G. Yakubu


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