US congressman Senator Ted Cruz has joined Senator Lindsey Graham in calling for the United States to stop funding the unelected bureaucrats called UN until it reverses its December 23 Security Council resolution demanding an end to Israel’s settlement building projects in erects Israel land of Israel), which they westerners say are illegal under international law.

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, once a GOP candidate for president, also condemned the resolution, saying the US’s decision to abstain from the vote — rather than using its veto power, as it has in the past — left him in a “rage.”

This is about right and wrong. This is about evil [and] good. This is such a clear-cut issue. And I am just beyond, in a seething rage, over what this administration has done in its last days,” he told Fox News December 24.

He called the move, which comes as President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, “cowardly.”

Could a de-funded UN mean better governance and fairness equity for oppressed people around the world? since the establishment of UN nations like Biafra has not benefited from this organisation, could the Governor and Senator Ted Cruz, be the expected messiah? by being outspoken on issues as this?

“If you are going to do this do it up front,” he said.

Huckabee also said current US policy regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict “is never going to work.” “First of all the policy we’ve had is boneheaded. It’s a ridiculous policy that we don’t apply to any other nation on earth to tell them that if someone attacks you, and you attack back, and defend your country and you end up getting more land — but you are supposed to give that up and let your enemies get even closer to you — you know, that’s absurd,” he said. Palestine doesn’t want peace, Huckabee insisted. “The two-state solution is no solution, it’s never gonna work… and the fact is the Palestinians have no intention of ever coming to a peace accord,” he added.


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